MarySue Caron, Marilyn Tefank, Anna Heffel, chris Cobel, Miyako Fletcher, Frieda Quirae and also Robin Pay contended in the women’s stein holding challenge at the sunlight Lakes Oktoberfest.

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Karl Benink, cock Caron, bill Mock, Jack Barrett, Craig Wilson and Jim Briggs contended in the men’s stein holding contest at the sunlight Lakes Oktoberfest.

Juan Velazquez presented Jim Briggs through a Bavarian bear and also a gift certificate come the sun Lakes restaurant because that his success in the men’s stein holding contest.


A wake up participant, Robin Pay, winner the women’s stein holding competition and was presented v a Bavarian bear and a sun Lakes restaurant gift certificate by Juan Velazquez.

A cold, merganser day compelled the Oktoberfest festivities indoors, yet the soggy day didn’t deter the fun. Numerous Sun Lakes residents and their guests came out come celebrate Oktoberfest funded by the sun Lakes Food and Beverage department on October 13.

Bavarian Stew native Redlands noted music because that dancing transparent the event and the popular German drinking track “En Prosit” (meaning to great health or cheers). The Chicken Dance, a staple at Oktoberfest celebrations, carried a big crowd come the run floor come flap your wings and wiggle your tail feathers the was comically entertaining for both the dancers and the spectators.

After enjoying some craft beer, bratwurst and also sauerkraut the stein holding contests (in this case, pitchers filled with water) for both men and also women to be held. In the women’s contest, the 2017 champion, MarySue Caron, was earlier to compete in addition to Miyako Fletcher, Marilyn Tefank, Frieda Quirae, Anna Heffel, kris Cabel, and also Robin Pay.

After 5 long minutes of eight numbing and muscle quivering competition, Robin Pay was able to defeat every one of the other competitors and was named the 2018 champion. The runner-up in the women’s competition to be Miyako Fletcher.

Six men took top top the challenge and consisted of Jim Briggs, Craig Wilson, Jack Barrett, bill Mock, karl Benink and also Dick Caron. The men’s contents lasted because that seven and also a half minutes with Jim Briggs declare the win. Ninety-seven year old bill Mock to be the runner-up in the men’s competition.

Each the the winners obtained a teddy be afflicted with dressed in classic Bavarian clothing along with a gift certificate come the sunlight Lakes restaurant.

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It to be an evening of Oom Pa Pa music, food and also fun celebrate Bavarian society with friends.