In the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV show, all the peeps obtained Star Chips once they checked out Duelists Island for Pegasus" vast dueling tournament. If they shed your critical Star Chip, they to be disqualified! In the Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories video game, you earn Star Chips in duels and can use them to purchase much more powerful cards for her deck. So, how much butt carry out you think you could kick if you had actually unlimited Star Chips so you could buy every the cards you"ll ever need for her deck? That"s what this game cheat from Cheat Street is for! monitor the walkthrough on making use of this cheat and you"ll have actually all the an effective cards friend need!

Unlimited Star Chips Cheat for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

The means this video game cheat works is the it allows you buy anything you can afford v your present Star Chips, however without having to actually spend "em. But, this game cheat is a little tricky come pull turn off "cuz you need three memory cards to execute it! call the storage cards Memory card 1, Memory card 2 and Memory map 3. Memory map 1 is where you must save your game. Memory map 3 is where you have to save a copy of your game. Memory card 2 is whereby you must start increase a new game that"s totally different from your saved video game on Memory map 1.

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Unlimited Star Chips video game Cheat Walkthrough

Ok, now below are the actions on just how to usage the cheat.

1. conserve your video game from Memory card 1 top top Memory map 3 so the it"s an accurate copy.2. pack your video game from Memory map 3.3. spend your Star Chips on all the cards friend want!4. conserve your video game onto Memory map 3.5. trade the map you just bought to the saved game on Memory card 2.6. profession the card from the saved game on Memory map 2 come the saved video game on Memory card 1.7. Wipe out the saved video game on Memory map 3.8.

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Go earlier to action 1. Repeat until you have all the cards girlfriend need!Once you obtain the cave of it, this cheat is yes, really easy and also can score you lots of the best cards.

Cheat password to Unlock Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Each card you want to buy through Star Chips in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories requirements a password to unlock the first. Right here are the codes because that a few really an effective cards!

Roaring ocean Snake2100/180019066538550
Flower Wolf1800/140095952802260
B. Skull Dragon3200/250011901678999,999
Kaiser Dragon2300/200094566432900
Dragon Seeker2100/200028563545700
Parrot Dragon2000/130062762898290
Dark Witch1800/170035565537350
Summoned Skull2500/120070781052999,999
Man-Eating black color Shark2100/130080727036320
Perfectly Ultimate good Moth3500/300048579379999,999
Great Moth2600/250014141448999,999
Jirai Gumo2200/1009477300780
Launcher Spider2200/250087322377999,999
Machine King2200/200046700124800
Armored Lizard1500/120015480588999,999
Millennium Golem2000/220047986555800
Aqua Dragon2250/190086164529700
Skull Knight2650/225002504891999,999
Dark Magician2500/210046986414999,999
Gaia the Fierce Knight2300/210006368038999,999
Harpie Lady Sisters1950/210012206212999,999
Pumpking the King of Ghosts1800/200029155212500

That"s it because that Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories video clip game cheats and also walkthroughs this week, but stick around and also see what cheats Gary can come up through for next week. He"ll obtain the 411 on every the coolest game codes! Don"t forget, if you acquire stuck and also need a game cheat code, and also let the know!