PAULINE Hanson’s views about Asian Australians sound mild in cg-tower.comparison cg-tower.come those of she late mother captured on video warning about “the yellow race”.

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SHE was Pauline Hanson’s inspiration and beloved mother, and if you believed the One country Senator to be outspoken on racism, you ought to hear the from Norah Seccg-tower.combe.

Hard-boiled and feisty, Pauline Hanson’s mommy was recorded on video expressing what are described as some “old school” views around a certain type of immigrant.

Gathered with some of her seven kids for scones and tea in Queensland part time before her fatality in the so late 1990s, granny Seccg-tower.combe appears in the video clip dishing out advice or a warning.

“I was constantly taught,” she says, “the yellow gyeongju will ascendancy the world.

“And if us don’t perform something now ... I’m afraid, yes, the yellow gyeongju will rule the world.”


Hanson’s mom Norah (centre) expressed the views around ‘the yellow man’ over tea and also scones in ~ a gathering through her children. Picture: Channel 9.

Pauline Hanson visits she father Jack Seccg-tower.combe, who functioned 100 hour weeks together a milk bar owner. Picture: Peter Wallis
Pauline Hanson’s parents Hannorah and also Jack Seccg-tower.combe (pictured) to be hardworking milk bar owner with strong views. Picture: Supplied

Probably recorded about the time Pauline Hanson an initial won election to the Australian cg-tower.commonwealth Parliament in 1996 and also played top top 60 minute on Sunday night, the views were no uncg-tower.common among older Australians in pockets the rural Queensland.

After being chosen as the MP because that the Queensland electorate that Oxley in 1996, Hanson delivered her maiden speech to Parliament, shocking numerous with her frank views about race.

“I do not want Australia to be Asianised,” Hanson said. “I believe we room in danger of gift swamped by Asians.

They have their own society and religion, form ghettos and also do not assimilate.”

Hanson also criticised federal governments for “encouraging separatism in Australia by offering opportunities, land, money and facilities easily accessible only to Aboriginals”.

Pauline Hanson delivers her 1996 parliamentary maiden speech in i beg your pardon she claimed ‘I believe we space in danger of gift swamped by Asians’. Picture: Corp
Hanson inherited her ‘hard-boiled and feisty’ method from mommy Norah who was staunchly anti-Asian immigration. Picture: Channel 9
In the video, Norah Seccg-tower.combe warns her youngsters of the after-effects when ‘the yellow race will dominance the world’. Picture: Channel 9

According to at an early stage reports on Pauline Hanson’s politics career, her mother Norah displayed “the exact same angry defiance as her daughter, especially when it cg-tower.comes to ... The virtues of old-fashioned discipline and also child-rearing”.

Mrs Seccg-tower.combe, who maiden surname was Hannorah Webster, was of irish stock and also Hanson"s father, Jack Seccg-tower.combe, to be the son of English migrants.

They were both hardworking Australians, who Hanson credits through instilling her through the ethic.

The Seccg-tower.combes ran a milk bar in Brisbane — which created “the ideal hamburgers in the world” — in i m sorry Pauline and her six siblings were supposed to work, skin onions and also potatoes and also serving customers.

Norah was the sterner parental who kept on her children’s backs and they loved she for it.

Pauline Hanson’s sister and one that the One nation leader’s six siblings, Lorraine McCulloch v their father Jack Seccg-tower.combe, 84, at his Gold coast nursing house in 2003. Picture: Corp
Pauline Hanson claimed her parents worked hard to provide for her and her brothers (pictured) Peter Seccg-tower.combe, Judy Smith, john Seccg-tower.combe and Lorraine McCullough. Picture: Angelo Soulas

At her mother’s January 1997 funeral, to visit by a frail Jack Seccg-tower.combe in a wheelchair, Hanson defined her parents’ 54-year marriage and how they worked more than 100 hour weeks in the cafe.

Breaking under as she speak of her mom being her inspiration, Hanson said the long hrs that her parents worked ensured your seven children never walk without.

“Mum would go through the list of ours names once I phoned, is that Carolyn, Lorraine, Judy, Pauline ...

At Norah Seccg-tower.combe’s 1997 funeral, daughter Pauline Hanson defined how she mother’s “grit, determination, honesty and also cg-tower.compassion” lived on in she children. Picture: Channel 9
Pauline Hanson pictured through the One country Senate team she will lead in the 2016 Parliament,(from left) Brian Burston, Hanson, pole Culleton and Malcolm Roberts. Picture Kym Smith

“Mum love much more than life itself,” Pauline said.

“Her grit, determination, honesty and also cg-tower.compassion is in all of us,” Pauline said. “Now she is gone. I will miss out on her love and advice ns sought therefore often.”

During the early on years of ms Hanson’s career together a federal member, she defended her “right to have a speak to who can get in my country”.

She additionally warned against immigration that can lead to “race riots, religious fanaticism and also gang and also drug wars”.

Hanson is about to begin a brand-new six-year ax in the Australian Senate.

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