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Have you had success through Fram oil filters?I mounted one recently into "05 Yamaha XVS650A and also am wondering how well others favor Fram.Thanks. BTW I believe mine is PH6008. Does this sound right?Will this filter be an excellent for 8K miles before changing (as per manual)?

2005 Vstar 650 fully stock bicycle with quick release windshield, fork deflectors, and trunk in ar of passenger seat2000 royal Star Boulevard "Ursa" (the She-Bear) fully stock, windshield continues to be in the garage v saddle bags uneven needed
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I have used lock on my 1300. I was making use of WalMart SuperTech St7317, yet they stopped carrying them. Ns switched to utilizing FramPH7317 and also they to be ok. No complaints. Ns have since gone earlier to OEM filters.
I wasn"t lucky with the WIX ring. The filter operated pretty good, until someday I i found it an oil leak. I traced it come the oil ring. Luckily I had an OEM replacement ring in my garage, difficulty went away.

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Fram is the worst oil filter on the market! Why is everyone pretending they space ok? not be coin wise and also dollar foolish. Use OEM. Ns previously offered Fram filter till a small pebble put a feet in mine thinner 보다 a hair fram filter i beg your pardon pumped the oil out and also blew up my engine. Ns was shocked at how thin the steel was. Ns did part research and learned frame is the worst oil filter top top the market-for all metrics. Thinnest casing, weakest spring, least and also worst filter material, cheapest and worst o ring, lack of bypass valve (in many cases) for this reason engine starves because that oil once filter i do not care clogged. Don"t take my word for it. Go to YouTube and also watch experts cut open miscellaneous filters and also see just how they space made and compare the components. You will never use an additional Fram oil filter again and won"t let her friends either. Girlfriend can obtain away with their air filters but not the oil filters.FRAM: Freaking Ruined an additional Motor