my Xbox 360 keeps disconnecting indigenous Xbox Live at random times because that seemingly no reason. No updates happen and I can"t earn achievements. When I shot to connect ago it just keeps telling me that my console cant connect to the internet.

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I have an Xbox 360 Slim from 2009. If anyone can assist me the end I"d appreciate it.



You can troubleshoot her console"s internet link from the settings menu. This will certainly tell friend if that is resulted in by a modem issue, hardware issue, or if the Xbox Live solutions are unavailable. Right currently this post does not offer enough information to recognize why you"re having actually intermittent connections but the likeliest cause is simply the period of the console. At much more than ten years old, your Xbox 360 may be enduring hardware failure that prevent it native connecting come the internet.

You have the right to refer come Microsoft"s support web page for further aid fixing the problem:


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