Some the you understand that I’m a co-host that a podcast referred to as Fortune’s Wheelhouse, along with my friend Susie Chang, whereby we talk around the esoteric signs in tarot. Freshly Susie and I were interviewed through Ryan Peverly, the host of an additional occult themed podcast dubbed Occulture. Girlfriend can check out his Patreon web page or uncover him at all the podcast places. Illustration 70 comes out on in march 6th, 2018 and in the episode we talk about all species of topics like esoteric tarot, colors, magick, art, divination, and also the use of symbols. We talk a small about this Quartered Circle, or Quartered cross symbol. Strange enough, all 3 of united state on the show have been attracted to the symbol and have stories about it, so have actually a listen. We will put a attach on our Fortune’s Wheelhouse Patreon site too.

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The Quartered circle (aka Circled Cross) and also how it way just around everything

For the Tabula Mundi Tarot, ns was offered the impetus to use the quartered circle as its logo. It seemed to be one of those points that was got divinely, or from the muse, i m sorry is the same thing. Yet what does that mean, or mean to me? I’ve to be asked that and also what it comes down to, is that it method everything. That just can be the earliest known divine symbol.

So ns was influenced to shot to compose down precisely how that is the I deserve to say that this symbol means everything. Right here is an attempt to list few of the ways.

Establish thyself steady in the equilibrium that forces, in the center of the cross of the Elements, that Cross from whose centre the an imaginative Word authorize in the bear of the dawning Universe” (Liber Librae)

Everything the is part of a natural order, the is around Creator/Creation, or is around wholeness, is normally divisible into four aspects, or 4 stages.

the 4 elementsthe four directions and also four windsthe 4 seasonsthe four suits the the tarot and the four court cards and their familial relationshipthe four Qabalistic worldsthe four fixed signs or Kerubic beaststhe four Royal watcher starsthe 4 powers of the Sphinx (who is Man): to Will, to Dare, come Know, and also to save Silentthe four solar station of Liber Resh: sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight

Crowley spoke of Liberty, Love, Life, Light; transmuted come Law. If friend mirror and also rotate them, these 4 L’s incorporate to kind the quartered circle: the sunlight cross or the planet symbol the Malkuth. The four powers the the Sphinx gradually build the 4 sides the the Pyramid that Initiation, in ever greater and subtler manifestations until getting to the apex. These powers are emerged on the material plane (Malkuth), i beg your pardon is both a beginning and also an end.

There is also something that the “circle squared” around it; the circle merged with four corners, however on the inside.

Keep in mind the whenever all four divisions are present, a fifth aspect of unity is implied, in ~ the center. This idea that a stillness at the center of everything is component of the meaning. It’s the hub at the facility of the wheel.

This Quartered overcome symbol looks lot like a wheel. It’s been referred to as a sun Cross, sun wheel, or solar wheel. If you look in ~ the prize of the Sun, a dot within a circle, and imagine that dot together a point of irradiate radiating out in the direction of the circumference, it i do not care the quartered circle.


The quartered overcome is likewise the form an astrology chart is attracted on, with the 4 arms representing the ascendant-descendant axis ~ above the horizontal, and also the Midheaven/Nadir axis ~ above the vertical. Rotated therefore the circled overcome is ~ above the diagonal, it is a price of the component of Fortune, i beg your pardon in Astrology is created by combine the three most necessary parts of one astrology chart: the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Fortune likewise reminds me the this card’s connection to the tarot map Fortune, the Wheel. That card’s number is 10 – a one and a zero, a line and also a circle, or in roman numerals that is X – a cross. A 1 and also a zero – an axle and also wheel, a cross.


Because the quartered one or circled overcome is a mix of circle and line, or 0 and 1, we also might want to take into consideration the cards that the Fool and also the Magus. The fool comes out of nothing, the great zero or void, and also the whole sequence that the rest of the tarot is included within the fool or emanates indigenous him, just as from the allude of Kether the rest of the Tree the Life descends. The Fool’s seemingly north bag is stated to save on computer the four winds or 4 elements.

As the first step in the Fool’s Journey, he transmutes right into the Magus. The Magus has actually on his table, the 4 suit icons of the Wand, the Cup, the Sword, and the Disk. That wields these four powers by the pressure of his Will.

Call come mind the Hebrew letter of the Fool: his Hebrew letter is Aleph, definition Ox. The letters O and X, or a circle and a cross. Aleph is additionally shaped like the thunderbolt or swastika, a solar prize that once swirling, traces this sign.

A circle and a overcome is likewise implied in the climbed cross, and the Ankh ,the crux ansata Egyptian symbol for life. If again we think of a line and a circle, we can think the the circle together a circumference, and also the line as a point, expanded through space. Prefer the idea of Nuit, Hadit, and also Horus. The Star, the Hermit, the Aeon.

It can likewise represent Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur: Nothing, Nothing there is no Limit, and also the limitless Light.

One could likewise think the this symbol together the union the male and also female, the pillar in the void, or a zero, a add to sign and also a minus sign.

+1 -1=0 ⊕



This symbol is additionally a symbol of the universe card. Take it a watch at virtually any world card, in any tarot deck, and also you will see a maiden within an ellipse, a kind of circle, surrounding by the 4 Kerubic beasts. The Hebrew letter that the map is Tau, the cross. When again, a overcome within a circle. The cosmos or civilization card, is not only Saturn (Binah) but additionally Earth.

In astrology, the planet is symbolized by the quartered circle. It’s the allude directly the opposite the degree of your sunlight in her astrology chart. This prize of Earth, the quartered circle, likewise represents Malkuth, the sephira the Earth and also the product plane, and also the Princesses that Tarot, otherwise known as us.

One can imagine being a divine being in ~ the optimal of the Tree of Life, in Kether, peering under at the lowest human being of Malkuth, and also seeing the circle quartered, representing the 4 Qabalistic worlds. If you have actually Tabula Mundi Tarot, take a look at the map backs. That’s the viewpoint.

The quartered circle is also a symbol of LVX or NOX, depending upon how you rotate it: light in extension and also the darkness of the an excellent sea that Binah. It also looks like a crossroads. If us think the it as a cross roadways symbol over a circle, one might think of crossing the one of the Abyss.

This quartered circle symbol that the cross roads was also placed at the facility of ancient Roman encampments. This design was inserted where the north-south route (Cardo Maximus), crossed an east-west path (Decumanus Maximus) at the center of the town, and also was considered a divine place. It represents sacred space at the center, a great glyph because that the irradiate within.


If the directly up one cross and also the rotated one v the overcome at a diagonal room combined, the can additionally represent the eight direction of the compass, and also is comparable to the eight rayed star symbol of Chaos magick, a symbol meaning “infinite possibility”. The eight spokes that the wheel of the year space the sabbats of the Year: the solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter holidays.

Speaking the Chaos Magick, the circled cross is the most useful symbol in the background of sigil magick. For every single letter the the alphabet have the right to be traced ~ above it, and also most of castle in both capital and also lower case form. Think about it. Rather of writing out your intention in other words “It is my will to have actually the strength of a tiger”, crossing out the repeated letters, and drawing a complex sigil, all you need is the quartered circle, for any phrase whatsoever. How better to enable yourself come forget what every sigil represents? It’s the most powerful sigil, and the most meaningful symbol, in the world, encompassing all.

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In a feeling it way everything, indigenous the beginning to the end. It’s the light, and also the darkness, going from the Fool come the Universe, indigenous Aleph to Tau, from room as the 4 corners of the world, and also in time together in the passage of 4 seasons that a year.