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I"m in search of a indigenous that describes someone that tries to not care about other people"s opinions and attempts on being free-spirited (however, being completely care-free around others" opinions is impossible, for this reason I want to recognize a native that explains the effort of being free-spirited).


I believe the finest phrase for this is blissfully ignorant.

It method you"re ignorant the something, together as various other people"s opinions, and because of that you are happy/uncaring in a lighthearted way.



Google"s definition:

in·sou·ci·ant inˈso͞osēənt, adjective

showing a casual absence of concern; indifferent.

"an insouciant shrug"

synonyms: nonchalant, untroubled, unworried, unruffled, unconcerned, indifferent, blasé, heedless, careless;


Maybe some of these space what you"re feather for:

Uncaring: not displaying sympathy or concern for others.

Cavalier: mirroring a lack of appropriate concern.

Asocial: inconsiderate the or enemy to others.

Apathetic: reflecting or feeling no interest.

Stoic: of or relating to the institution of philosophy established by Zeno, that taught that civilization should be free from passion, unmoved by delight or grief, and also submit without complain to unavoidable necessity.

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Egoist: a human who is preoccupied v his own interests.



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What to speak to someone who, personally from an extremely inappropriate acts, doesn't care around what rather think around him?
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