10 Things about Wizards that Waverly place That Don't Make feeling Wizards of Waverly location was among the Disney Channel"s most successful series. But even this lover Selena Gomez present had that plot holes.

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few Disney Channel mirrors were as successful as Wizards the Waverly Place. The series won many Emmy awards for superior Children"s Program, and was the most-watched series finale in Disney Channel history. Adhering to the Russo siblings, Alex, Justin, and also Max, the three wizards-in-training supplied magic to create havoc and save the world. Yet for such a effective series, Wizards that Waverly Place had its plot feet like any other show. Some details go not enhance what had already been explained at an earlier suggest in time, and extr information didn"t make clear points up. Below are 10 Things about Wizards that Waverly Place that Don"t do Sense.

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The an initial time the family members wizard vain is carried up is in Season 1. That is made come sound like as soon as the job comes, Alex, Justin, and also Max will compete to recognize which the the 3 will keep their powers. However, in "Monster Hunter," the rule diverge once it is proclaimed that Justin has actually completed his simple wizard classes and also is moving up to independent study. The rules likewise get confound in "Alex speak The World" when Professor Crumbs declares that Alex and also Justin are each to revert come level one if Max remains a level three. This punishment brings up the inquiry of just how Alex and also Justin could once again be connected in the competition. Up until the beginning of Season 4, the collection had never mentioned such a rule.

Mason and Juliet"s struggle in "Wizards vs. Werewolves" taught an ext about werewolf and also vampire mythology in ~ the series. However, in "Wizards Unleashed," the episode is devoted to figuring out just how to carry Mason ago to a human kind rather than appearing as part-werewolf or a wolf forever. Juliet go not get the very same courtesy. Juliet"s return in "Wizards vs. Everything" is unexpected and shocking, but with no explanation of exactly how Gorog managed to attain it. Instead, the collection carries on without the meaning of the moment being carried up again.

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The romantic background between Mason and also Juliet had been a surprising detail to the show, and also it does lug up a few questions around the former. As a vampire, Juliet keeps feather the exact same forever, but it is unclear how old Mason is. Provided they acknowledge each other quite quickly, that is to be assumed that Mason had looked reasonably the very same for the last three hundred years. Although over there are references to wizards having a an extremely long life together well, the mythology in the show never removes up just how long it would certainly take for Mason come age.


Dan Benson very first appeared on Wizards of Waverly Place as Zack Rosenblatt, one excitable older student at Tribeca Prep. Initially, that was included in Justin"s team of enlarge friends throughout "Movies." However, he later shows up in "Report Card," and also from climate on together Zeke Beakerman. The change in surname is never ever explained, yet his age seems come have readjusted to complement Justin"s together they continue school and graduate together. In "Zeke finds Out," Zeke directly mentions the occasions of "Movies," do the occurrence much more confusing regarding why his identification was changed.

Between Wizards of Waverly Place and Wizards the Waverly Place: The Movie, there room two regarded wizard competitions and others stated in conversation. In the film, the compete is a quick battle of wits to identify who can achieve the many with the least, using only the 4 elements. In "Who will Be The family Wizard," the competition is concentrated on assorted uses that magic, including spell trivia questions, potion-making, and a maze. However, Jerry mentions his competition contained a composed portion. The finale additionally deviates native "The Good, The Bad, and The Alex" as soon as Stevie"s brother, Warren, describes that there to be a different ceremony because that the complete power transfer, however in "Who will certainly Be The family members Wizard," Alex and also Justin receive their magic ~ above the spot.

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Justin and Zeke to be both academically bright students v a list of extracurricular activities. They must not have had a hard time acquiring into college. Justin"s love of school and also learning was constant, and his declaration at the end of "Delinquent Justin" that he would certainly attend medical school fit in with his character. However his higher education never came to fruition as he focused on getting ago into the wizard competition. Zeke go not have actually the same distraction native school, and also yet renders an appearance at Tribeca Prep together a cross guard rather than mentioning college. Although university is no for everyone, it"s odd because that Justin and also Zeke no to follow with on greater education.

Max was not the smartest character on the series. However, as few and far in between they may have actually been, he did have actually some wise moments. Max is the just character to listen to Mason when he defines werewolves space impulsive. Max is also an excellent at understanding just how the substation works, bringing in much more money with opening a wizard world side that the business.

When Alex and also Justin are in danger of disappearing into a black hole in Alex"s apartment, Max suggests opening an additional black feet in the lair so that he deserve to jump through it, with his siblings, and also the 3 of them deserve to travel through the black color hole and arrive ago at the lair. Unfortunately, these are ignored by his family until that is also late, or the show does not mention the moments again.


In "Wizard the the Year," Alex gets the coveted award. The achievement for Alex is a destructive blow to Justin, and also he never hides it. Justin makes plenty of comments about how Alex did no deserve the honor the should have been his. Unfortunately, his anger is not only taken the end on his family, but Justin decides that recording his frustration because that the ceremony is a decent method to attend to it. He just chooses to deal with it as soon as he learns great sportsmanship in his video may acquire him earlier into his family competition.

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Instead, the hologram outs Justin on his worst traits, also though that attempts come hide the recording. Justin"s statements insult the wizard council in prior of everyone, and it is uncertain why he was no punished for both violation the board and also his lousy sportsmanship in the direction of his sister"s success.

"Future Harper" asks a variety of mysteries the series never it s okay a chance to answer. After reading H.J. Darling"s novels, the Russos uncover the human behind the surname is Harper indigenous the future, and she had actually traveled come the previous with the help of a powerful wizard. The greatest reveal Harper shares v the siblings is that among them exposed wizardry come the world, which to be why writing about wizards earlier in time was much more interesting. The series ends before this revelation comes true, still leaving the unanswered inquiry of i beg your pardon Russo exposed magic come the mortal world.

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1 THE need FOR A sorcerer’s COMPETITION

The wizard competition is the most far-reaching event for the Russo family. Alex, Justin, and also Max had actually waited years to find out which one of them would keep their powers. The ide is attractive to watch as it tests your abilities as wizards in enhancement to experimentation them as a family, something the had very first become relevant during "Retest."

Unfortunately, no one describes why the is thought that just one wizard from every family might be trusted through magic or why there is a sorcerer’s competition in ~ all. Instead, it has the bizarre impact of making Stevie"s resolution to damage the power transfer mechanism seem reasonable. Back she is intended to be the villain and also her means of ending the wizard competition is no the many legal course of action, the still gift the dispute that all wizards should have the ability to keep your powers forever.