With liquid Canes & silver- Lanes Aglow… It’s start to look a lot prefer Christmas

By Meredith Wilson


Dressember work #3

Dress through Papaya

Boots through Steve Madden

I love old references in Christmas songs. The ones that make you question “what actually is figgy pudding?” and “who room Currier and also Ives?” and also doing the research study to view what Christmas looked prefer fifty years back and the meaning behind these references.

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In Meredith Wilson’s, “It’s beginning to look at a lot like Christmas”, a black friday favourite to be sure that carries a subliminal post somewhere follow me the currently of “GET THOSE GIFTS before SOMEONE rather DOES since IT’S NOVEMBER 1 and YOU’RE currently LATE”, the text of the first verse go:

“Take a look in ~ the Five and also Ten. Glistening once again.

With liquid Canes and also Silver Lanes Aglow” 

If you’re anything like me you might be wondering, what specifically is a “Five and Ten”. And if you’re anything like me and live in L.A. You’re most likely thinking the glistening describes the traffic as soon as you space merging ~ above the 5 freeway indigenous the 10 #trafficjoke haha. So i did some research, and also the 5 and also 10 is in reference to the 1950s variation of the disagreement Tree, additionally known together the “Nickel & Dime” store, these stores would market items for, 5 and 10 cents. Such a stealing right?! Those cheap shopping baby boomers…

This lyric shows quite a contrast between the current people we live in and also the one they to be living in back then. A world where over there was joy in simplicity, the decorations at the corner “5 & 10” were sufficient . Liquid Canes. Silver Lanes. The simple pleasures the the season space what brought joy, reminded lock of the love that family and friends and ultimately to be the icing on peak of the cake that Christmas, it seems they had actually their concerns straight in contrast to ours twisted modern day and age where if you’re no buying her toddler the new iPhone 6s(plus, minus, multiply…etc.

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Etc.), girlfriend don’t love lock enough. Or you may be absent the hype and not really suffering the “reason because that the season” favor the remainder of our customer culture.

I paid exactly ten dollars for the dress ns wore now for the Dressember difficulty Day #3 (could have bought it in ~ the 5 & 10 back then