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Lydia, Elizabeth "s younger sister, "received an invitation from Mrs. Forster, the mam of the colonel that the regiment, to accompany she to Brighton." Elizabeth wholeheartedly protest this trip, and also she expressed her opinion to her father. She called him that it would certainly be a ""great disadvantage to

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Lydia, Elizabeth"s younger sister, "received an invite from Mrs. Forster, the wife of the colonel of the regiment, to accompany her to Brighton." Elizabeth wholeheartedly opposed this trip, and also she expressed she opinion to her father. She said him that it would certainly be a ""great disadvantage come which must arise from the public an alert of Lydia"s unguarded and imprudent manner."" Mr. Bennet brushed off Elizabeth"s fears. The did no seem too many concerned around Lydia"s embarrassing habits in public.

Again, Elizabeth implored her father. She told him the the family"s ""respectability in the world must be influenced by the wild volatility, the assurance and also disdain of every restraint i m sorry Lydia"s character."" Elizabeth cautioned she father around Lydia"s behavior, informing him the if the did no teach her exactly how to law properly, ""she shortly be past the with of amendment."" She walk on to say that Lydia was a flirt, and that she was complete of ""ignorance and emptiness of... Mind."" She warned the Kitty, who was a dedicated follower the Lydia, could additionally follow the same path and also bring further disgrace top top the family.

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Mr. Bennet take it his daughter"s hand and tried to reassure her. The told her that she and also Jane to be ""respected and also valued"" regardless of their ""very stunner sisters."" He additionally explained the he would certainly not protect against Lydia from going, due to the fact that they would ""have no peace at Longbourn if no go to Brighton.""

Elizabeth knew that her dad was not going to change his mental on the matter, and also she "left him disappointed and also sorry." She had expressed her opinion to her father, and there to be nothing an ext that she might do.