The exactly answer right here is the option D.Manifest Destiny to be an idea and an ideological background that was leading during the breakthrough of the united States. As they ended up being an independent nation this idea ended up being even more clear. Manifest Destiny explains the belief of the US inhabitants that the was your destiny and their duty, bestowed upon them by God to gain all the lands in the north America. The Louisiana purchase shows how the US expanded westward with this belief in mind. 

The Louisiana purchase treaty is crucial document in the study of Manifest Destiny because it reflects the level to i m sorry the United states was claiming land westward. The correct answer is D. 

The Louisiana acquisition treaty is vital document in the research of Manifest Destiny due to the fact that it represents the biggest territorial expansion in the background of the unified States, framed within Manifest Destiny"s ideology of the 1800s.

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The Louisiana acquisition was the united state acquisition native the French in 1803 that 2,140,000 km² of territory then known as the French Louisiana. The price was $ 11,250,000, which added to the extinct of debts and also interest reached the full amount of $23,213,568.

With this salvation of are the United claims doubled that is surface and also its dominion was expanded over the entire Mississippi-Missouri basin, reaching the border of the Rocky Mountains, broadening West simply as the Manifest Destiny motivated to do.

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The Louisiana purchase treaty is vital document in the study of Manifest Destiny because the Louisiana Purchase increased the American territory westward, just as the Manifest Destiny proposed come do.


Manifest Destiny is one American theory of the 19th century. It states that the US has a magnificent mandate to expand, particularly through the mid-19th century western Frontier to the Pacific.

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Manifest Destiny was never simply a definite policy or ideology; it was a general term that an unified elements the American exceptionalism, nationalism, and also expansionism right into a vast sense the mission.

Many American pioneers suggested that the ideals of flexibility and country were of far-reaching importance and also needed to be carried to the new lands by prolonging the with of the country (and the borders). 2 centuries earlier, Massachusetts Bay swarm Governor john Winthrop had asserted his swarm was the city ~ above the hill and also would demonstrate to the rest of the human being the way of life of a free, godly society. In continuation of this idea, many argued that it to be a divine mandate to prolong the united state throughout the phibìc American continent.