Paris is among the couple of big cities in the people with as plenty of nicknames together it does. Indigenous “Paname”, come “Lutèce”, come “Pantruche”, to “the City of Love” to “the City the Lights”.

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The most common and also contentious nickname is “the City of Lights” because few people are conscious of the origins of the French capital’s name.

Is it due to the fact that of the Eiffel Tower and also the other structures that light up together the sunlight sets? Is it due to the fact that the city is so excellent that world refer come it as “the city the lights”?

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Other Nicknames for Paris

Why Is Paris dubbed The City that Lights


Paris is the birthplace the Haute Couture, which is a high-fashion garment produced entirely by hand.

Leading fashion homes such as Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, and also Louis Vuitton have actually their headquarters in the city. Paris is unquestionably the fashion funding of the world, through Haute Couture as its main priority.

The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture (Haute Couture profession Association) is the human body that provides decisions top top haute couture standards. This is why fashion designers in Europe and the United claims are constantly watching what is going on in Paris.

La Dame de Fer

The steel Lady is referred to as La Dame de Fer in French, yet we room not around Margaret Thatcher. The Eiffel Tower is dubbed “The steel Lady.”

The nickname originates from the truth that the Eiffel Tower is made completely of wrought iron. Due to the fact that the iconic structure is synonymous with Paris, the nickname is additionally used to describe the city itself. 


Lutèce is a roman inn name for Paris. It come from Lutetia, the surname of a city the existed prior to Paris. Nowadays, Lutèce is a hip nickname for the area. As soon as visiting Paris, look because that cafes, stores, and hotels that room still referred to as Lutèce. 


The name Paris originates from the indigenous Parisii, which describes a Roman-era people that settled on the center Seine and also Lutetia.

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However, it was not until 887 the Paris was given its existing name. The was formerly known as Parisios, and even before that, the was recognized as Parisii.