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As debated already, the concern may occur due to a misconfigured alignment of the printer record tray. Girlfriend can quickly realign the printer cartridge from the tools menu. However, prior to that, make certain you that you remove and also reinsert the duplexer come make certain no document jam exists. Below is how to execute it.

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Remove the duplexer from her printer. Make sure there is no paper stuck anywhere. Reinsert the Duplexer and also make certain it is put correctly. Also, wipe off if any type of dust exist on the duplexer.Press the Setup button ( wrench icon) top top the printer.Use the right-arrow key to navigate to the 6th optionTools.Press OK to select Tools.Press the right-arrow button to with the Align Printer option.Click OK to select the Align Printer option.

The printer will display “Aligning cartridges .. Please wait. This procedure will take it approximates 7 minutes“.

After the process is complete, the printer will publish a page instantly with a post “Alignment successful. Recycle or discard the “.

Now try to print any file on her printer and also check for any kind of improvements.

2. Uninstall and also Reinstall the Driver

Another common issue the may reason the printer to act abnormally is the outdated or buggy printer driver software. Users have actually reported that uninstalling and reinstalling the press driver has resolved the issue. Below is how to perform it.

Search for device Manager in the search bar and open it.In the maker Manager, locate and also expand the Print Queues section.After the printer driver is uninstalled, reboot the system.Windows will instantly install the printer driver after ~ the restart.If the printer is still not detected, open up Device Manager and also go to Actions > Scan for hardware changes.

Make sure you have the latest variation of HP Solution facility installed together well. Also, try to uninstall and also reinstall the HP Solution facility if uninstalling the motorists did not work.

3. OEM’s suggestions

According to HP support, the press itself cannot print the file crooked. It is only possible if the documents are fed crooked. The problem is usually through the record tray and the alignment. Even if the file tray is not loose or miss aligned, it is possible that part object ( favor a piece of paper) is resulting in the issue.

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Make sure to clean the paper tray and also look for any type of objects and also realign the printer to before considering repairing the printer.