Our hamster’s wellness is very important for us. We desire our furry friends to remain alive and happy because that as long as possible so that we deserve to treasure every 2nd with them! However, hamster health is a lot of more complicated than us think. Your behaviours can be facility and it deserve to be difficult to figure out even if it is they are comfortable or not. A lot of of civilization ask ‘why is mine hamster shaking’ because of this. Us don’t recognize whether it’s since they are in risk or not!

In this article, we hope to walk through all of the reasons why her hamster may be shaking. Us will identify the dangerous situations, and also explain exactly how they have the right to be rectified. Enjoy!

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TemperatureIllnessFearTheir Habitat

Why Is mine Hamster Shaking? Is it normal?

Both yes and also no.

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Hamsters, in the wild, space a prey animal. This method that the is fairly constant for them come stop, freeze, and also sometimes shake. This is due to integrated fear mechanisms which renders them very careful and mistrustful of international objects, smells, or animals. It can be really common to see your hamster shake throughout the first couple of weeks that owning one as they get used come the cage. Lock are getting used to your environment and also still don’t totally trust you. Also when castle are offered to you, her hamster may still get scared and shake.

However, over there are plenty of reasons why hamster shaking have the right to be abnormal. There deserve to be details situations whereby a hamster may be in genuine danger and their shiver is a method to show this. It is therefore an extremely important to study your hamster to view if they are ill, or to examine the atmosphere to check out if there is anything the could reason the shaking to occur. We’ll be going right into this next.


Reasons for why her hamster is shaking.

As we have stated, a hamster shaking have the right to be both normal and abnormal. It yes, really does depend on the case that they room in. A hamster shaking can just it is in a sign of it being nervous or a sign that they space in real danger. We will now look at several of the factors why your hamster might be shaking, and also how to settle the situation.


One of the many problematic factors why her hamster might be shaking is due to the temperature in the room. Hamsters find it hard to manage their own temperature and also therefore need the atmosphere to be relatively stable in terms of how hot or cold the is. A cold room can cause serious difficulties for a hamster. You may think that a hamster having a lover coat is enough to shield them indigenous the cold, but they still need a warm temperature.

We go v the right hamster temperature in this article, however they need a habitat around 70 levels Fahrenheit to continue to be safe. Anything below this and also you could see her hamster shaking as result of being too cold, which might seriously damages their health.


The best solution to stopping your hamster shaking because of the bad temperature is merely to enhance it! girlfriend should constantly make sure that they have actually clean bedding, and places come burrow to keep themselves warm. You need to ensure that the room is appropriately heated to a safe temperature for her hamster. If you are feeling uncomfortable because of the cold, then your hamster will certainly be together well! Finally, make certain that the room doesn’t acquire too warm either as this can reason its own set of problems.


Another problematic reason of your hamster shower is that they might be ill. The primary reason of her hamster being ill and also shaking is most likely a cold or one infection. These may seem basic to deal with for humans but hamsters space a lot of weaker 보다 us. even a cold can be deadly because that them. examine to watch if they have other symptoms, such together a runny climbed or wet eyes, to confirm that they have a cold. Friend should also see if they are sneezing or coughing as this have the right to be another sign of something walk wrong.


You have to clean your hamster’s cage and also use different bedding to make sure that her hamster isn’t enduring from an allergy reaction. We have our own write-up on just how to address a hamster’s cold here. If the cold gets any type of worse, and also your hamster starts come have troubles breathing or moving, then take them come the vet immediately. No doing for this reason could cost them their life.


A herbal reason why your hamster could be shower is that they might be rather fearful of their surroundings. This is quite organic when you very first get them. After ~ all, they have been taken from their home and also placed in a completely foreign place! castle are herbal prey animals and are because of this quite scared of many things. This way that they may shake, or freeze, as soon as they encounter something that worries them. This have to stop after a month as they get used to their surroundings.

However, they might still freeze and also shake if they room scared after castle have resolved in. This could happen if over there is a according to noise, or if another human or pet tries to connect with them. It’s herbal for people to get scared, and it is herbal for hamsters to obtain scared as well!


The best method to help your hamster come be much less fearful is through protecting castle from any type of of the problems declared above. If over there are likely to be loud noises, relocate the cage away from the resource of this noises. In the event that her hamster is fear by other animals, take the cage somewhere that the animals cannot obtain to the hamster. If you number out the source of why they are so scared climate it have the right to be really easy to remove it. If your hamster tho acts fear then offer them some space as you can be the factor that they are frightened. Take her time and let them gain used come you.

Their Habitat

Your hamster’s habitat can reason some problems with her hamster the make your hamster shake. One that the key problems is if her hamster’s cage is smaller sized than it need to be. This can stress the end your hamster and also cause other problems as well as shaking. Other problems can include the your hamster’s cage doesn’t have any digging room, or if it there is no been freshly cleaned out. An improper living environment can severely anxiety out her hamster.


The systems to this problem is to resolve your hamster’s habitat. This have the right to be really easy, yet the challenging part is figuring out precisely which component of the habitat is the wrong.

The size of your hamster’s cage is often a stressful suggest for your hamster. If that is too small, you may want to obtain a enlarge one. We have actually reviews of two an excellent hamster cages here and here.

Another concern could be the quantity of digging space in your hamster’s cage. Hamsters need a kind amount that room to dig and the floor must be rather deep to enable them to construct tunnels. The best way to settle this problem is to add much more bedding i m sorry should provide your hamster the liberty to dig.

Finally, an easily solved trouble is the cleanliness of your hamster’s cage. You have to make certain that the cage is cleaned every two weeks maximum, less if that is a smaller sized cage. If you don’t then your hamster can suffer indigenous various wellness problems and also this could reason serious problems.

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Should girlfriend take your shaking hamster come the vet?

You might be questioning whether the shaking can be a difficulty that can only be fixed by a vet. This could indeed be the case. If the solutions above have not resolved the difficulty for you then you might want to take into consideration taking them to the vet. Furthermore, you must take her hamster come the vet if they space suffering from various other symptoms and shaking. Inspect to check out if her hamster is also:

SneezingSleeping a lotRefusing come eat or drink

These symptoms could mean the there is something else going ~ above which your vet needs to fix. Take it them and explain the symptoms!