Most owners get scared or stressed when their moustache dragon is turning black. The most usual questions are ‘why is mine bearded dragon turning black?’ or ‘why is my bearded dragon’s moustache black?’ and also so on. There are plenty of reasons why your bearded dragon might be turning dark. In this post, we will talk about different factors why a bearded dragon is turning black and how come act in these situations.

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Why is my bearded dragon turning black?Reason number 1: your bearded dragon is cold and also is trying to warm up

The fact is, your bearded dragon can turn black color or just darker come increase warm absorption. This can take place if the tank is cold, and also your moustache dragon needs more heat.

This also happens after a night, because temperatures drop. Yet this is not likely to occur in the terrarium – if you have automated lighting and also heat.

What are right temperatures in a bearded dragon’s tank? Make certain that the temperature in the warm spot under the basking + UVB irradiate is 92-105, also up come 110 degrees Fahrenheit (33-43 Celsius).

Temperature in the cool spot should be around 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit (23.8-29.4 Celsius). During the night, temperature need to not drop lower than 65 F (18.3 Celsius).


Make sure that the fixture or bulb that you have in the tank emits UVB light. Part fixtures (for example for tree or people) are not expected for reptiles, for this reason don’t emit any UVB.

What is more, make sure to replace UVB lamp every 6 months. This is due to the fact that UVB lights protect against emitting any kind of UVB through time, and also you won’t have the ability to tell the difference.

One the the finest choices for an UVB light source is to get a Reptisun 10.00 (not less than 10.00) HO (high output) UVB fixture like this. Place the fixture 6-8 inches above your dragon (highest point), no less and not more.

What is more, you will require to ar a basking light close to the UVB source. If you great to incorporate UVB source and light source into a one bulb, you deserve to use a mercury vapor bulb that produces UVB, visible light and heat.

Be careful and don’t use it in a tank the is smaller sized than 40 gallons – the mercury vapor pear gets an extremely hot.

You can read the complete guide come lighting here.

Reason number 2: your bearded dragon is ready to mate

Believe that or not, her bearded dragon’s beard have the right to turn black during a breeding season. This regularly happens to masculine bearded dragons once they are prepared to mate.

Male bearded dragon mature quicker than females – males deserve to start showing breeding habits at 5-6 months. If your male is likewise being anxious, bobbing its head – these could be the signs of a sexually mature mustache dragon. However, females might also turn black during a breeding season, yet this is much more unusual.


Breeding actions should start around a month ~ the end of brumation. Brumation is a winter shutdown, once bearded dragons come to be mostly inactive and also eat small to nothing.

After the end of brumation, breeding habits should start with the start of spring. In this case, you deserve to let your dragon roam the room so it deserve to use this energy.

Reason number 3: your bearded dragon feel threatened

If your bearded dragon’s beard transforms black, however it also puffs it, climate this is a sign of aggression. Your bearded dragon might be aggressive as soon as it meets one more bearded dragon and feels threatened. It can also be a authorize that your bearded dragon doesn’t want to mate and wants to be alone.


What is more, your bearded dragon could see its very own reflection in the glass that a tank, thinking that its one more bearded dragon! If her bearded dragon sees its very own reflection in the glass, it can likewise bob its head, wave its arm and turn its beard black. Try to cover the glass and see what happens.

Reason number 4: your bearded dragon is emphasize or sick

If there is miscellaneous wrong v the setup, her bearded dragon might become stressed. This includes wrong setup, diet, absence of lights, lack of supplements and also so on.

If her bearded dragon is transforming black and also is also lethargic, doesn’t eat much, there could be miscellaneous wrong.

If you want to discover out a potential cause of these problems, check out this article and answer all the questions regarding your mustache dragon’s setup and also diet. There, you will likewise find advice and also answers ~ above a correct setup, diet and supplements. That is additionally a good idea to check out the vet if you doubt a major issue.

Your moustache dragon might likewise be emphasize if the is brand-new to your home. It have the right to blacken its beard to present attitude, so it is in patient. Her bearded dragon should become comfortable in its brand-new home in ~ 2 weeks.

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Reason number 5: her bearded dragon has actually stress marks as result of stress or age

When your bearded dragon is emphasize (due to absence of heat, light, attention, poor diet, tiny tank etc.) the can develop temporary stress marks. Stress and anxiety marks are often scattered ~ above the belly and beard, and also can have actually a form of lines, circles or ovals. If her bearded dragon is brand-new to your home, it might be stressed. Tension marks can fade far after couple of days come a week.