Dallas. The huge D, The Triple D, every little thing you speak to it, it’s certainly one the Texas’ favourite cities. Yeah, it can not it is in the funding of the state, or also the greatest city however Dallas is residence of cowboys, supersized lull food, vain sport and definitely deserves to be on her Texas bucket list following time you’re top off throughout the pond, and here’s why:

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Reunion Tower

Standing among the boxy skyscrapers and also geometric design of the city skyline is the orb of the Reunion Tower. Uncover Dallas’ beauty from over the clouds (470ft to be exact) at the GeO-Deck, and also soak up the stunning 360- level panoramic views of the city. Be certain to check out the interactive display screens too, you’ll uncover touch screens, free photos, a virtual truth experience and the new Reunion Tower Constellation. It’s here you’ll it is in able to add your name and also geographical details to a star, and also create one avatar (not the blue kind), explicate your suffer with illustrations. Through every visit, her impression will grow until you expand from a single star come an even larger constellation, nice nifty hey?


The 6th Floor Museum in ~ Dealey Plaza

22nd November 1963. You probably recognise this day from your ol’ background lessons in school. It’s the day Dallas’ history was chequered through the assassination of President john F. Kennedy ~ above Dealey Plaza. The assassin was believed to have been situated in the former Texas School book Depositary, and also the building has due to the fact that been converted right into a museum chronicling JFK’s increase (and fall), the aftermath and his reigning legacy. Thoughtfully curated, the museum’s audio tourism informs and educates there is no scandalising or sensationalising the events and also reflects his accomplishments and perhaps what he might have accomplished had he not died so prematurely.

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Image: VisitDallas

Pioneer Plaza

Who’d have actually thought a previous parking lot can hold so lot history? You’ll desire to acquire moo-ving end to Pioneer Plaza, the 4.2 acre public park. It’s not just the biggest public space in the CBD yet it is also the 2nd biggest attraction in downtown Dallas ~ the site of JFK’s assassination.

Naturally it provides for the best spot for a #Dallas photo for the ‘gram however make certain to soak up the historical details on the sculptures too. Come commemorate the trails which lugged the first settlers to the city, this bronze sculptures depict depict three livestock drivers herding 40 longhorn steers over a hill and also through a stream and native plants. 


The Adolphus

When it come to picking where to stay in the big D you’re spoilt for choice. But there’s just one place on our mind, The Adolphus.The city’s very first luxury hotel, The Adolphus first opened earlier in 1912 and also over 100 year later, it’s still the reigning champion. Positioned in downtown Dallas, the hotel is the perfect base to obtain out and also explore the city. That’s, the course, if you deserve to leave the hotel. Thanks to their recent significant renovation it’s residence to a luxurious spa and also rooftop pool which I’ve had actually the pleasure of spending hours basking in the waters, frozen margarita in tow.

As well together 407 deluxe rooms and also suites, the hotel is residence to good dining restaurant, The French Room, Otto’s Coffee, a Vienesse influenced coffee shop and City room Bistro, an all day cafe the serves up healthy and balanced meals. Yep, the is possible to discover something healthy and balanced in Dallas! If old people glamour and hospitality with a modern-day edge is your vibe climate The Adolphus is the hotel for you.

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The French Room

If you’re end the usual Tex Mex and huge Dallas key you’ve to be gorging into due to the fact that arriving, The Adolphus’ good dining restaurant, The French Room, is one to take a swoon in. Think elegant european accents with an American twist, the dining room is filled with white gilded walls and also high ceilings, illuminated by commanding chandeliers, whilst candle bathe the room in a soft light.

We’re gaining serious date night vibes end here. The food, that course, concentrates on French cooking (it’s in the name). You’ll intend to find filet with pomme purée, rapini and also sauce bordelaise and scallop velouté with smoked shitake, beech mushrooms and asparagus top top the menu. A reminder from us: don’t miss out on the cacao shuffle through lacquered raspberries – it’ll satisfy any chocolate desire you’ve got.


Dallas Art ar

Believe the or not, behind all the Hollywood stereotypes we’ve grown up to love, Dallas isn’t all around Tex Mex and also cowboy drives. No, the city’s Art district is actually the largest in the USA, spanning 68 acres and also 19 blocks. It’s house to a number of art galleries and also museums, however if you take to the streets you’ll uncover plenty of street art, graffiti and murals awaiting her discovery. Start in the ar of Deep Ellum come spot several of the best.

Dallas Farmers sector

Shy away from the crowded skyscrapers and also venture on end to the notorious Dallas farmer Market. Having actually started life together a humble horse and wagon everyone business ago in 1941, the market has grown up through the city whilst still retaining a golden element that being cost-free from the hustle and also bustle that city life. Open up seven work a week, the market showcases neighborhood produce and also crafts v the aim to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable way of life for north Texas. 

Vendors include the award winning American Butchers, pizza van Bellatrino, Cajun Tailgators, tamales machines El Mero Mero and also Rex’s Seafood and also Market. The industry is additionally host to plenty of private and public occasions throughout the year consisting of Dallas’ original Watermelon Festival – it doesn’t gain much an ext wholesome 보다 that! 

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Texas State same

The more liberal city of Austin might be the resources of the Lone Star state, however for me, Dallas is the summary of Texas, for this reason it’s only right that it’s home to the State fair of Texas, a 24 work over-sized feast championing all points Texan. And also oh young is it home to some scrummy snacks. There’s more deep fried, bacon covered, ranch coated, street dusted dishes 보다 you can swing a lasso at. We’re talking deep fried shepherd’s pie, corn dogs stuffed v chilli and also deep fried cakes stuffed with icing – the deep fat friers room in overdrive! 

The fried foodstuffs reach height level in ~ the annual large Tex an option Awards competition whereby they’ve had everything from fried peaches and also cream come fried beer.  It’s a glutton’s paradise (or a doctor’s nightmare).

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Katy trail Ice home

In another American episode of ‘let’s take it our favourite things and also combine them’ we have the Beerita. Not sure what it is? Don’t problem we didn’t either. It’s basically an over-sized frozen margarita upgraded through a party of iced beer grounding upside under in it. Finest enjoyed on a scorching warm day in ~ Katy Trail ice cream House.

The Ice house is one award-winning large Austin-style beer garden that’s residence to a fifty foot bar, through a beer ~ above tap because that every foot. Um, sign us up! It’s the perfect clues to spend your afternoon gorging ~ above Texas BBQ and cheese fries, every washed down through a Beerita or two! If you sophisticated venturing outta the city, take it a stroll along the Katy Trail, a 3.5 mile route built on an old railroad line. Swinging in in ~ the finish line is a cocktail and also BBQ feast, five yeah. 


sporting activities

If you hadn’t guessed it, sports plays a pretty large part in Dallas culture. It is, after all, house to five major professional teams. If it’s American football you’re after, you’ve gained to watch a Dallas Cowboys video game while you’re in town. Basketball fans need to throw a hoop with the Dallas Mavericks, when the Texas Rangers will certainly knock you outta the park. Soccer is extended by FC Dallas and Dallas Stars have obtained the ice hockey box ticked. Usually it’s a rite of i to catch a game while you’re visiting the big D.


fort Worth Stockyards

Feeling exhausted of the big smoke? Drive the end west that Dallas and also you’ll uncover yourself engulfed by ft Worth, ‘the city the cowboys and culture’. It’s among Texas’ hotspots jam-packed through museums, historic buildings, boutiques and, of course, cowboys.

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If you’re strapped for time, we’d suggest heading straight to the Stockyards. Once house to the cowboys and outlaws of history of the district, it’s maintained alive today with the world’s just twice daily drives that longhorn cattle, rodeos, line dancing and also Honky Tonk music. Let’s confront it, it’s wherein the American West began. Nowadays the actual stockyards are home to many shops and eateries, livestock are still marketed (albeit via satellite video) and there’s also a cowboy church, but it’s past is obvious at every turn and it’s fine worth exploring.