Ever rub a balloon against your head to do it stick come the wall?

That’s a basic electrostatic charge.

When rubbing the balloon versus your head, it reasons the balloon to take on cost-free electrons and also create a an adverse charge. The negatively-charged balloon will then it is in attracted to neutral or positively charged objects, like a wall.

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The automotive industry offers electrostatic fee as an efficient and cost effective an approach to apply paint come vehicles. 

This blog explores how electrostatic spray paint works, its benefits and also precautions to take.


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How to apply Electrostatic Paint:

The two most typical methods for using electrostatic paint are:

A an adverse charge is used to the paint while the in the reservoir.A charge is used in the barrel that the spray paint gun. Together the repaint is moved through the gun, it rubs against the side of the nozzle and also gains a negative electric charge.

For electrostatic paint to be applied, the automobile needs to be grounded and also positively charged.

This create a magnetic attraction come the negatively charged paint.

Due to this charge, as soon as the repaint leaves the nozzle, the is attracted to the vehicle’s charge and will stick come it.


Advantages of Electrostatic Spray Painting:

There are numerous benefits of making use of electrostatic coatings:

Makes a more powerful bond to cover an object an ext evenly, also if the vehicle has numerous angles.This an approach saves repaint by ensuring an ext paint lands on the charged car than the surfaces about the vehicle.Creates a far better looking finish since the paint is distributed more uniformly.


Precautions as soon as Using Electrostatic Spray repaint Guns:

Be certain to job-related in ventilated areas and wear proper PPE favor eye and ear protection along with clothing the covers many of your skin.

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It’s not uncommon for part spray earlier from the repaint to be attractive to the painter.

Use a glove through a grounding strip, prefer our Ground Hog™ Electrostatic Spray Painting glove to protect against this.

A constant glove would certainly insulate the artist to the base spray gun causing a mess.

The floor Hog™ has actually a continuous conductive silver strip that operation from the inside surface ar of the palm to the external surface of the glove. This grounds a worker once they are using a electrostatic spray paint gun to remove spray back.


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