The Iliad is an epic poem composed by the Greek poet Homer. It speak the story the the critical year of the Trojan war fought between the city the Troy and also the Greeks.

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Main CharactersGreeksAchilles - Achilles is the key character and also the best warrior in the world. He leader the Myrmidons versus the Trojans.Agamemnon - Agamemnon is the basic of the Greek armies. He and Achilles hit on the exact same side, yet they do not obtain along.Menelaus - Menelaus is King of Sparta. The Greeks walk to war through Troy after ~ a Trojan named Paris take away his mam Helen that is considered to be the many beautiful woman in the world.Helen - The most beautiful woman in the world, Helen is married come King Menelaus. She is take away by the Trojans and also is the cause for the Trojan War.Odysseus - A Greek hero listed for his intelligence. He is likewise king the Ithaca.Aias the great - Aias is the 2nd greatest Greek warrior ~ Achilles. The is referred to as Ajax by the Romans.TrojansPriam - Priam is the King that Troy throughout the Iliad.Hecuba - Queen of Troy.Hector - The best of every the Trojan warriors, Hector is King Priam"s son. He is killed by Achilles top top the battlefield.Andromache - Hector"s wife.Paris - Paris to be the Trojan who took Helen indigenous King Menelaus.Aeneas - one of the greatest Trojan warriors after Hector.There were several gods that played a function in the story including countless of the Olympians such as Zeus, Hera, Athena, Poseidon, Apollo, and also Ares. ~ above the side of the Trojans are Apollo, Aphrodite, and also Ares. ~ above the next of the Greeks room Poseidon, Hera, and Athena. Zeus do the efforts to remain neutral.General PlotWhen the story opens, the Trojan War has actually been raging for virtually 10 years. The Greeks are camped outside the walls of Troy.Agamemnon and Achilles ArgueAgamemnon is holding captive a woman called Chryseis. Her father uses to pay Agamemnon to relax her, yet he refuses. Then she father prays come Apollo to aid him. Soon Apollo is attack the Greeks. Eventually, the Greek leaders, led by Achilles, force Agamemnon to release Chryseis. However, in order to get back at Achilles, Agamemnon seized a lady named Briseis from Achilles.
Achilles Refuses come FightAchilles becomes an extremely angry through Agamemnon. The refuses to fight any longer. He also asks his mother, Thetis, come pray to Zeus to help the Trojans. Back Zeus has remained neutral so far during the war, that decides to help the Trojans.The struggle ContinuesThe fight between the Trojans and also the Greeks continues. The gods obtain even more involved. As soon as Hector is fight by a giant rock thrown through Aias, Apollo heals Hector, make him even stronger and also faster 보다 he to be before. Through Hector leading them, the Trojans press the Greeks earlier toward the shore.Patroclus is KilledJust as it looks choose the Greeks space going to shed the war, Achilles" ideal friend Patroclus begs Achilles come fight. Achilles when again refused. Patroclus then placed on Achilles armor and entered the battle. He to be fighting well and also the Greeks were getting ground until he ran right into Hector. Hector killed Patroclus and took his armor.Achilles enters the BattleGrief stricken over shedding his friend, Achilles vow to avenge his death. He has the Greek god Hephaestus create him new armor and rejoins the battle. Quickly the Greeks have actually pushed the Trojans back to the city the Troy. Achilles and also Hector finally face off in battle. ~ a long fight, Achilles death Hector.Achilles DiesAchilles had one weakness, his heel. As soon as his mom dipped him into the river Styx, she hosted him by the heel. It was the only location he was vulnerable. The god Apollo knew around his weakness. Once Paris exit an arrowhead at Achilles, Apollo guided the arrowhead to strike Achilles on the heel. Achilles quickly died from the wound.Trojan HorseOdysseus come up with an idea as to how the Greeks might get behind the wall surfaces of Troy. They constructed a big wooden horse. Several of the soldiers hid within the equine while the rest of the Greek army got into their ships and sailed away. The Trojans assumed that they had won the battle and that the horse was a gift. They rolled the horse into the city and also began come celebrate your victory.During the night, the Greek pearls returned. Odysseus and his men snuck the end of the horse, killed the guards, and opened the gates. The Greek army entered the gates and also destroyed the Trojans. The Greeks had finally won the war.
Interesting Facts around the IliadIt is approximated that the Iliad to be written about the 8 hours century BC.The Iliad has 15,693 lines.At one suggest Paris agreed to fight King Menelaus in single combat. Menelaus was winning till Aphrodite swooped down and saved Paris taking him away and healing him.It had actually been foretold that Achilles would certainly die in a battle between the Greeks and Trojans. The Greeks collection sail for troy on 1,000 ships. After ~ this the was claimed that Helen the Troy had a "face that might launch a thousand ships".It was Aphrodite who cast a order on Helen of troy to make her autumn in love v Paris. She walk this together a reward as soon as Paris picked her together the most beautiful goddess.

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