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It seems weird once you room typing on your keyboard and the outcome appears to be in reverse. Many users of home windows 10 have experienced a backward typing issue like once working on your English to Hindi inputting exercises or doing rate typing runs. If it might seem favor a computer system issue, some key-boards are collection to kind backwards depending upon the country and also language it is set.

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However, in some cases, key-boards typing backwards might be early out to computer system issues. Friend may have actually a corrupted key-board driver or there may be damage in several of your device files. Every little thing is the reason, there are methods on how you deserve to fix the behind typing keyboards in your windows 10 PC.

How come Stop key-board Typing Backwards concern in home windows 10

Method #1 – Restart your Computer

A simple way to settle the error is come restart your computer. Completely shut under your computer and disconnect your exterior keyboard, if you room using any. Then, restart your computer and also check if the error still exists.

Method #2 – inspect Your System’s an ar Settings


As mentioned above, it may be due to the an ar set for her keyboard. Come check and also correct your system’s region, navigate come your setups app.

Open settings on windows 10.Click on Time & Language.Click top top Region.Just listed below this setting you will uncover the “Regional format” section.Choose the current format and set it come English (United States) to it is in sure.Click OK and check if the error is quiet there.

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Method #3 – operation the device and Hardware Troubleshooter


Go to the Troubleshoot settings.Look because that Keyboard and click to expand.Click run the troubleshooter.Follow the accuse on just how to troubleshoot her keyboard.

Method #4 – Reset The setups of her Keyboard

The great thing in windows 10 is the you can adjust the direction of your keyboard typing. If you like to kind from appropriate to left, push CTRL + appropriate SHIFT. If you prefer to form from left to right, press CTRL + left SHIFT.

Method #5 – Reinstall Your keyboard Driver


Navigate to the an equipment Manager.Look because that Keyboards and also click the down arrowhead to expand.Right-click top top your key-board name. If you space unsure, pick the “Standard PS/2 Keyboard”.Click Uninstall Device.Follow the steps and restart her computer.Download the key-board driver indigenous your keyboard manufacturer’s website and also install it.

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