In Othello, why does Iago want to destroy Othello, Desdemona, and also Cassio—despite the fact that he already got Cassio fired?
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This is, there is no hyperbole, among the most written upon character-based concerns in western literature. There have currently been a pair good answers on here about Iago’s anger the he was passed up because that promotion.

His line early on in the play: “I hate the moor,” likewise suggests a possible...

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This is, there is no hyperbole, among the many written top top character-based inquiries in west literature. There have already been a couple good answer on here around Iago’s anger the he was passed up because that promotion.

His line beforehand in the play: “I hate the moor,” also suggests a feasible undercurrent of racialism motivation. (A fast side note: Othello is expected as a dark Turkish character, however in Shakespeare’s time might not necessarily have been stood for as “black” the way the part is today. Despite it also really likely can have to be played in blackface. Either way, the racism undertones persist.) Iago also states the he doubt Othello might have slept with his mam Emilia, though exactly how deeply he believes this suspicion is open to debate.

Iago’s true an ideas is a challenging question come answer. One of the fascinating things around his personality is that he provides so numerous different reasons to dislike Othello (listed above), yet scholars quiet feel sure there need to be part deeper, grander source of his evil. The moment that separates Iago indigenous the rest of the villains in Shakespeare’s canon, and also indeed provides him the finest of Shakespearian villains, is his own explanation of his misdeeds after ~ he’s found out and also captured:

Demand me nothing. What girlfriend know, friend know.From this time forth I never will speak word.

These space chilling last lines indigenous a personality who spent the majority of the play strategizing and also using others as puppets. Scholarship might dispute the concern of Iago’s intentions for an additional four hundred years. However the an enig of his evil and his refuse to speak on castle is more than a literature puzzle. The mystery of Iago’s intentions is one of the many engaging elements of his character and also is component of why that has withstood as among the best literary villains of every time.

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good question, and one i m sorry is never ever satisfactorily reply in the play. Why specifically is Iago so spend by his desire to lug down not just Othello, however everyone about him, too?

At the start of the play, Iago claims that that "hate the Moor" due to the fact that he has elected Cassio to it is in his lieutenant, also though Iago watch this as a gross mistake, together Cassio has never "set a squadron in the field," and also is usually underqualified because that the post. Iago feels that Othello has unfairly overlooked him, and as such, he desires to show Othello that he has actually done wrong to select Cassio because that this position. That succeeds in ruining Cassio"s reputation and losing him his position, yet the truth is, Cassio is not the only reason Iago dislikes Othello. Removing Cassio indigenous his position just solves part of Iago"s multifaceted problem.

Another reason Iago cites for his hate of Othello is that he fears he "hath leap"d right into seat"—that is, slept through Iago"s wife. But does Iago really believe this? We could argue that it"s all component of a more complex trend that racism towards Othello: Iago talks around him utilizing racist epithets, and sexualizes him to the allude of relenten his sexual occupation of Desdemona as being animalistic ("the old black lamb is tupping your white ewe"). We could infer, then, the Iago"s jealousy is intensified by the reality that a black color man, Othello, is in a position of power over the to start with, and also moreoever is married to Desdemona, a beautiful white woman.

It isn"t clean whether Iago yes, really knew Othello would kill Desdemona—possibly he just wanted to drive Othello mad v jealousy and also ruin their relationship. What is clear is the Iago"s hatred of Othello bring away on a life the its own: having collection events in motion, he can not step earlier from them, also when it kills Othello, Desdemona, and also his own wife, Emilia.

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Iago specifically wants to destroy Othello to seek revenge because that Othello"s specify name Cassio as lieutenant. Iago felt certain that Othello would offer the location to him, so once Othello name Cassio instead, Iago is complete of rage. Further, Iago thus becomes jealous of Cassio since he is now of a greater rank and is young and also handsome to boot. Desdemona gets wrapped into Iago"s evil plotting by mere circumstance--Iago knows the Othello worths Desdemona and also their relationship over all else, therefore Iago provides Desdemona as a device in his plan. 

Iago i do not care overtaken by his own jealousy and also rage, for this reason he proceeds with his plans also after Cassio is fired. By this suggest in the play, Iago is no much longer trying to gain the rank--he is almost obsessed v seeing Othello"s fall.