Have you ever seen flies rub their legs together? do you have any kind of idea why they execute that?

The various other day I was in my kitchen just cleaning up and saw a fly buzzing around. Ns watched the zooming and zipping around, wait for it come land. Ultimately it landed and also then that proceeded to rub its legs together. Come me that looked favor it was rubbing the hands with each other as it came up through some sneaky plan. However, it transforms out the fly was doing what every one of us do – cleaning itself.

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Flies have actually Senses In their Feet!

Yes, that is true. Flies room able to taste or feeling food through their feet. They have actually special sense organs in their feet the let them recognize what sort of food the is and also if it is edible or not.


A common housefly the you probably see all the time spends a most time clean itself.

Flies obstacle Their Legs with each other To Clean Themselves

Flies rub their legs together in order to save their legs clean, which allows them to use the senses on their legs. This ‘grooming’ activity that castle do removes dirt, and also other items from their sensors. That is essential for them to keep every one of their senses functioning as great as feasible to assist them paris around, discover food, and also just survive.

It is similar to people making certain we have the right to see and also hear things. If us couldn’t see or hear us would have a hard time relocating around and surviving.

Flies Rub everywhere Their body To Clean Themselves

In addition to cleaning your front legs, flies additionally will occasionally clean various other parts of their body. They will clean the rest of your legs, your bodies, your wings, and even their eyes.


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