Chow Chow is special breed in term of numerous aspects. The has various tongue shade than most other dogs and really protective. It might be a really nice dog if raised and socialized properly.

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What shade is Chow’s tongue

Most peoples see violet color but other reported it is bluish or blue black color color.

Why chows have purple color

It is quite tough to answer yet it probably was take place from exactly how Chow Chow life in the past. The purple color was thought from colours which produced due come foods and also environment. Over there is no actual answer for Why is a Chows Tongue Purple.

Other dogs with purple tongue

Beside Chow Chow, Shar-Pei is renowned for having Purple tongue. Over there is a theory which stated Shar-Pei and also Chow Chow is the original breeds of all other dog breeds. Both Chow-Chow and also Shar-Pei are old species dog which have actually been proven native the DNA test. However, a theory is simply a theory. It perhaps true but sometimes the is false.

Do any type of dog with purple tongue is Chow Chow

Quite possibly not. Over there are several purebred dogs which maybe to build black point out on your tongues. Few examples of them space Akita, Tibetan Mastiff, Cocker Spaniel, gold Retriever, Bichon Frise, Doberman, Airedale, and some others. So if you view your dog has black clues on his tongue, nothing panic. The doesn’t typical it is Chow Chow. As an example, if her dog is a complete blooded Labrador and he starts developing black spots on his tongue, this go not mean he is part of Chow Chow; he is not. This is absolutely normal and should it is in ignored.

Chow Chow with purple tongueDog source from Chow Chow

We have discussed about any other dogs which have purple or black spots in your tongue. We might ask why the is possible? Is the dog Chow Chow or purebred from another dogs? Well, the prize is simple. The dog could be source from Chow Chow long time ago. So, if you go to local animal shelter and find puppies v black spots in their tongues, it is possibly they were originated indigenous Chow Chow lengthy times ago.

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Do Chow Chow always have purple tongue

It is believed all chow chow has actually purple tongue. The is a unique characteristic of Chow Chow. Even dogs which source from Chow Chow have actually purple tongue or at the very least black spot in your tongues. Chow Chow is agile and also protective dog which might be easily determined from your tongue. They are solid and constantly loyal with their master. Constantly make sure to socialize Chow Chow properly to save it as friendly together possible.