After six years as a star top top CSI: NY, Melina Kanakaredes is hanging up her detective badge.

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The actress much better known together Det. Stella Bonasera announced Monday the this previous season on the CBS collection would be her last. While she parting statement make no mention of money, it"s difficult to believe Kanakaredes’ leave wasn"t moved in (large) component by finances.

According come our sources, all of whom were just willing to speak on the problem of anonymity, the previous Providence star was making close come $200k per illustration this past season. Because that the services of comparison, Marg Helgenberger, the woman co-star of the longer-running (and higher-rated) CSI original, traction down much more than dual that; if Kanakaredes" CSI: NY co-star Gary Sinise was believed to be banking in the community of $250k an episode. CBS, which reportedly approached her through a new deal, declined to comment because that this story.

With production set to begin again at month’s end, CBS shown Tuesday that Emmy-winning actress Sela Ward will change Kanakaredes. The Once and also Again star will play an competent investigator native Washington, D.C. Ward more than likely isn’t comes cheap, yet she could help freshen up a series in substantial need of refreshing. Or in ~ the really least staunch the exodus the viewers, a feat that has actually proven daunting for wilhelm Petersen"s replacement Laurence Fishburne top top the mothership.

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Though the display is still lucrative for CBS and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions –the bigger CSI franchise has actually generated an ext than $2 billion in profit over that decade-long run, many thanks to advertising, syndication, international and also DVD revenue— the brand-new York installment has failed come wow fans and also generate buzz in recent years. The weakest of the three CSIs, the collection drew just 12.3 million viewers this past season, follow to The Nielsen Company. Still an ext proof the its waning significance: the network’s decision to move the display to the substantially less appeal Friday night slot on CBS’ loss schedule.


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