Polly put the Kettle On

Nursery Rhyme

Polly placed the kettle on,Polly placed the kettle on,Polly put the kettle on,We"ll all have actually tea.Sukey take it off again,Sukey take it turn off again,Sukey take it it off again,They"ve every gone away.

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Polly placed the kettle on,Polly put the kettle on,Polly put the kettle on,We"ll all have tea.Sukey take it turn off again,Sukey take it it turn off again,Sukey take it it off again,They"ve all gone away.



According come The Oxford thesaurus of Nursery Rhymes (1951), edited by Iona and Peter Opie, in Polly put the Kettle On, "tea" and "away" room meant come rhyme. Here"s a slightly different version indigenous The Real mom Goose (1916):Polly, placed the kettle on,Polly, placed the kettle on,Polly, put the kettle on,And let"s drink tea.Sukey, take it it turn off again,Sukey, take it it turn off again,Sukey, take it it turn off again,They"re every gone away.The version listed below is from The little Mother Goose (1912), depicted by Jessie Willcox Smith. Ns haven"t found this version all over else (so far). It may be a version that was made up in the at an early stage 20th century. Several of the product in Jessie Willcox Smith"s book is native the Good Housekeeping Magazine. It"s feasible it was written especially for the magazine.Polly put the kettle on,Susy took it off;Aunt Jemima"s small girlHas gained the whooping cough.Phoebe speak a nanny goat,Susy damaged her leg,Father took his wedding coatAnd hung the on a peg.






2nd MP3 performed by 17 talented university student musicians who were sister in the Sigma Alpha Iota worldwide Music Fraternity for women at California State University-Stanislaus in 2007. The musical score the recording is based upon comes native Our Old Nursery Rhymes (1911) arranged by Alfred Moffat.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

The an initial illustration originates from Kate Greenaway"s Mother Goose (1881). The 2nd illustration, the score and also the midi tune are indigenous The Baby"s Bouquet, A fresh Bunch of Rhymes and Tunes by Walter Crane (1878). The third illustration is from The Real mom Goose (1916), portrayed by Blanche Fisher Wright. 4th illustration by H. Willebeck Le Mair from Our Old Nursery Rhymes (1911), arranged by Alfred Moffat.

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