Peter Furler, who fronted the Newsboys up until 2009, is ago again through Newsboys United, i beg your pardon will execute Oct. 10 in ~ Mechanics financial institution Theater.

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Newsboys keyboardist/bassist Jeff Frankenstein knew there were pitfalls come the idea the the group reuniting v its original singer, Peter Furler when the idea surfaced in 2017.

Furler left the group in 2009, after top the Newsboys come the height of the Christian music scene. Over the span, the team from Queensland, Australia, won five Dove Awards (the Christian music industry’s indistinguishable of a Grammy) and released nine directly albums that all go top 5 on the Christian music chart (with four hitting No. 1). He was changed by another notable number in Christian music, previous DC speak singer Michael Tate.

The “new” Newsboys invested the next several years trying come prove that they can be a effective band there is no Furler, who was the group’s songwriter. The initiatives paid off v three directly albums — “Born Again” (2010) “God’s not Dead” (2011) and also “Restart” (2013) — the topped “Billboard” magazine’s Christian Albums chart and a 4th album, “Love Riot” (2016), that reach No. 2 top top the Christian chart and topped “Billboard’s” alternate Albums and Top rock Albums charts. The track “God’s no Dead,” meanwhile, became the group’s first platinum-certified single and inspired three Christian films, “God’s not Dead” and “God’s not Dead 2” and “God’s no Dead: A irradiate in Darkness.”

So when the idea started getting traction in 2017 for reuniting through Furler, and also longtime bassist Phil Joel (who had actually left the band in 2006) to produce what is being billed as Newsboys United, several worries had to be considered.

Did the present Newsboys want to produce a instance where they were contending with the initial group? would certainly there be confusion over what team was the “real” Newsboys? would they want to resolve the questions around whether Furler would replace Tait or if a group that had both Furler and Tait would be a permanent situation?

“I think I had those feeling in the ago of my mind. Is this going come work? Is this smart? Is this what we want to do right now?” Frankenstein acknowledged in a current phone interview.

“I think together an artist you need to keep the fan an initial in mind. And that’s the method I’ve approached that the entirety time,” Frankenstein said. “If ns was a fan and also I saw this whole concept coming together prior to my eyes, like how thrilled would I be? just how excited would I be? we were kind of in between records and it just kind of make sense.”

It already looks favor the Newsboys united reunion will last longer than part may have expected. The six-man lineup that Furler, Joel, Tait, Frankenstein, guitarist Jody Davis and drummer Duncan Phillips started touring in February 2018 and continued through much of critical year. Earlier this year, the team headlined this year edition the Winter Jam, adhered to by a spring headlining run with Michael W. Blacksmith opening. Now and after part touring in the summer, the tape is ago on the road this fall, including the Oct. 10 prevent at Rabobank Theater.

And possibly the greatest news of every is the a brand-new studio album special the full Newsboys joined lineup to be released in May.

The reunion began when the Newsboys to be trying to finish a song dubbed “The overcome is the last Word.”

“We were type of in ~ an impasse through the song,” Frankenstein claimed of the song, which was released last spring as a single. “And Wes (Campbell), our manager, the was sort of his idea. He was choose let’s contact up Peter and also see what he’s up to, with Pete being a songwriter and all that. And also so Pete helped end up the track out and also that kind of put us earlier in touch with him … and also one thing brought about another and also we began talking about doing some shows together.”

The headlining reflects Newsboys United have done have been generous affairs. Some shows have actually run as lengthy as three hours and also featured part 30 song from transparent the group’s career.

“We’ll start off through Michael, then a couple of songs whereby we all play together, and then a few songs wherein Michael leaves and also we delve into the older things with Peter, and we obviously every come back at the end of the night,” Frankenstein said.

There’s a chance the team will also play songs the forthcoming Newsboys joined album, with “Greatness Of our God,” a good bet to be in the set. Frankenstein is passionate for civilization hear the new album.

“It’s sort of a mix the both worlds, to be honest,” he stated of the album. “It’s not going come be choose a throwback document to the ‘90s or anything prefer that. Probably that will disappoint people, however in some ways, maybe it won’t. Ns don’t know. It’s type of that is own new thing in a way, and also I think it functions well … So much it’s good.”

Newsboys joined

Greatness of our God Tour

When: 7 p.m. Oct. 10

Where: Rabobank Theater, 1001 Truxtun Ave.

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Admission: $56-$116; obtainable at or 888-929-7849




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