Gabe the Dog Remixes space a collection of YouTube Poop Music Videos (YTPMV) which generally feature miscellaneous music tracks dubbed over footage of a miniature American Eskimo and Pomeranian dog named Gabe.

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Gabe the Dog was owned through the Canadian YouTube user deathtrips, previously known as gravycp.<1> on January 8th, 2013, a video clip Gabe barking title "The brand-new Dog Source" to be uploaded top top the gravycp account, wherein it obtained over 60,000 views in the following three years. Top top November 1st, 2014, deathtrips posted the video "Newest Dog Source" that Gabe (shown below, right).


One of the most renowned remixes was produced by the YouTube user shaliek, i m sorry featured the Herp Alpert track "The Midnight Tango"; this remix has actually been viewed virtually 400,000 times due to the fact that its January 27, 2013 upload. ~ above February 6, YouTube user Lewdachris uploaded a remix special the track "Time come Air" through 青龍, which was perceived over 130,000 times. ~ above June 14, YouTube user skylark uploaded a remix special "I to be A God" by Kanye West, which has been viewed over 160,000 times. ~ above July 4, 2014, YouTube user widddddd uploaded an modify which swapped Gabe"s bark with words "fuck" taken indigenous a video clip of a teenage boy, which obtained over 150,000 views.

deathtrips himself created several well-known remixes, including a remix of "We No Speak Americano" through Yolanda be Cool, which was regarded over 200,000 times, and also a remix that "The following Episode" by Dr. Dre which was viewed over 175,000 times.





On January 20th, 2017, the Gabe the Dog Facebook page posted an announcement that Gabe had actually passed away the previous morning because of heart complications. The write-up received hundreds of reactions and comments within an hour of gift published, with numerous expressing your condolences and also honoring Gabe"s memory.<2>


"It is v condolences that I must tell girlfriend Gabe passed far yesterday morning. He had been struggling through his love for quite some time, and it very suddenly came to be worse. The went peacefully, gift loved v his family with a smile on his face."

That day, threads devoted to Gabe were developed on 4chan.<3> and also Reddit.<4><5>

Search Interest

Editor"s note: The interest spike in respectable of 2012 is due to the relax of the movie Gabe the Cupid Dog. Anything ~ that may be construed as relating come the meme.

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