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In Fahrenheit 451, suicide is common. This is revealed by the nonchalance with i beg your pardon the technicians act Millie after her overdose. That is no surprising that Beatty would simply as soon die as continue to be alive.

Today, we speak to what Beatty does "Suicide through cop." Beatty commits self-destruction by firemen.


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In Fahrenheit 451, self-destruction is common. This is revealed through the nonchalance with which the technicians act Millie after she overdose. The is not surprising that Beatty would simply as quickly die as stay alive.

Today, we speak to what Beatty does "Suicide by cop." Beatty commits suicide by firemen.

To know why Beatty commits self-destruction all you have to do is look at the culture in which he lives. Beatty is intelligent--he"s as well intelligent not to understand that his presence is lacking. 

Ironically, Beatty enables himself to be killed for the same reason Montag begins reading books--his visibility sucks.

The human being they live in is mindless, superficial, unemotional, unenlightening, unfulfilling. 

The real inquiry is: why would anyone want to live?

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An enhancement to the fine answer through my girlfriend pohnpei:

Perhaps Beatty felt that life had become so superficial, therefore meaningless, the there was no factor to resist death when it come "knocking top top his door."

When Montag first expresses his doubts about book-burning, Beatty offers him a lengthy speech about the background and purpose of the practice. Part of his thesis is that civilization prefer to live a superficial life empty of the sort of thinking that reading books requires:

Ask yourself, What perform we want in this country, above all? world want to it is in happy, isn"t the right?...I desire to it is in happy, human being say...That"s all we live for, isn"t it? for pleasure, because that titillation? and you should admit our culture provides lot of of these.

When life i do not care so empty, there isn"t much reason to resist death. 

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ns think the Beatty desires to kill himself since he go not choose the reality that his whole life is composed of burning books. Ns think that he privately really believes in books and can no longer take the idea that he is ruining them because that his living.

In the story, we check out Beatty gift able come talk around books at plenty of points. That is able come quote from publications at length. It appears unlikely that anyone can have review that lot just due to the fact that he is trying to learn around the points he is destroying.

So I would say that he to trust that publications are important and he deserve to no longer take the fact that he is ruining them.

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