exactly how phosphorus forms 2 species of bonds with oxygen i.e. 5 in $ceP4O10$ and 3 in $ceP4O6$ once only 3 are required to finish its octet?



Phosphorus has electronic configuration that 3S2 3P3 as it is a third period element it likewise have a vacant 3D orbital.

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In case of P4O6 just the 3P3 electrons take part. Resulting in formation of 3 bonds v O. But in case of P4O10 among the electron of 3S is excited to vacant 3D orbital. Currently P has actually 5 unpaired electron and also it can form 5 bonds. As such P creates 5 in P4O10.

Now, around the octet. Not every link follow the octet rule. Simply to understand The totality cg-tower.com counts upon STABILITY i.e lesser power of molecule. Therefore, if by forming an ext bonds (and does no obeying Octet rule) the molecule is gaining an ext stability, the will perform so.


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