In school, we learn that there room 7 Ps in the marketing mix: product, place, people, process, physical evidence, promotion, and price.

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Traditionally, each of these P’s has been an important way to distinguish your agency from the competition. Whether it was the quality of your product or the location of her store, this P’s offered as sign write-ups telling her customers why they must buy indigenous you.

But carry out each of this P’s still hold up in the 21st century? The short answer is yes, however the prestige of each is changing.

Today’s retail sector differs vastly from the 1990s and also the 2000s, and also the internet has fundamentally adjusted the sleeve sector. Consumers now have actually the strength to comparison shop instantly. The rise of virtual shopping also eliminates the need for physics stores and also opens up competition come the entire internet, not just the physical areas nearby.

These changes have a substantial impact ~ above the method shops should manage their marketing — and which P’s they should pay attention to in the marketing mix. As the internet has levelled the online playing field, one p has arised as the clear focus for many consumers: Price.

In fact, price isso important, McKinsey discovered that simply a 1% innovation in pricing raises profits by 6%.

That"s much more influential than a 1.0% reduction in variable costs (which enhanced profits by 3.8%) or a 1% reduction in fixed prices (which surrendered a 1.1% boost in profits).

In this blog post, I’ll describe how price ended up being the most important factor in the marketing mix, and also how shops have the right to use pricing data to rise their marketing ROI.

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The 7 P’s in 2018

Let’s look in ~ the relationship of the 7 P’s in today’s virtual marketing context:

Product is much less of a differentiator to consumer as shops broaden their assortment and more shops sell the very same productsPlace is much less of a differentiator as consumer order native their computer system or phonePeople are much less of a differentiator together there is no interaction with civilization onlineProcess is much less of a differentiator as most shops offer 24 hour home deliveryPhysical evidence, or keep quality, is much less of a differentiator together the web shop i do not care the most important “store.” The top quality of the internet shop is same important, but it is much easier to maintainPromotion, or digital marketing itself, is much more important together the variety of marketing channels has increasedPrice is a bigger differentiator as prices room transparent and easily comparable

As you deserve to see, the internet has actually made all yet two that the 7 P’s much less important: Pricing and Promotion. Exactly how a person finds her product online, and how lot the presented price is, are the most an important checkpoints because that shops to make a revenue online.

Considering this, it might seem favor Pricing and also Promotion re-superstructure equal prominence in the marketing mix. However the reality is the Pricing stand far over Promotion due to the fact that Pricing controls Promotion. In fact, pricing is the single most essential factor to think about while controlling your online marketing product ads ~ above platforms favor Google Shopping.

How pricing and also marketing work together

To present how essential pricing is to marketing, let‘s look in ~ a real-life example of the relationship in between the two.

In the graph below, you deserve to see 2 metrics over the course of two months: a shop’s pricing and the number of units sold. The heat graphs stand for the price and also the bar chart at the bottom reflects the variety of units sold.


As you can see, this store uses two various pricing methods in this period:

A margin-focused strategy native the start of July come the 24th, wherein the shop is priced higher than the sector average.

An wild strategy native the beginning of August until the finish of the data wherein the shop is priced reduced than the competition.

Looking in ~ the number of units sold during this period, it’s apparent the wild pricing strategy resulted in more sales. Every other conditions staying the same, the simple change in price resulted in a dramatic change in sales.

It’s necessary to note that an ext sales perform not necessarily lead to much more bottom-line margin. Back there could be a high volume of sales, the prices (and margins, together a result) could be lower. However you can use this details strategically come decrease prices on pick items and also draw website traffic to your website.

How pricing affects marketing

Now the we’ve shown the prestige of pricing in today’s marketing mix, let’s dive deeper and examine their interactions.

There space two methods pricing influences marketing performance: budget and efficiency. The adhering to graphic illustrates the relationship in between the 2 silos:


In this illustration you have the right to see 2 things:

1. Pricing strategy identify the marketing budget

The price that a product digital determines exactly how much margin that product will certainly make, a part of which can be provided for marketing. If the product has actually high margins, marketers have an ext money to market a product. However, if a product has lower margins, over there is much less money because that a marketing strategy.

2. Pricing strategy affects the marketing effectiveness

When you room priced lower than her competitors, the opportunity customers will click on your ad and buy her product increases. These higher click-through rates (CTR) and conversion prices are indications of healthy, reliable marketing campaigns.

So if a greater price creates a larger marketing budget, but a lower price boosts the effectiveness of your campaigns, over there is a clean challenge. How do you find the ideal price that it optimal because that both her marketing budget and also efficiency?

This inquiry gets more complex when you think about that this balance is various for every solitary product ~ above the market. That’s because consumers worth items differently and respond accordingly to price changes.

This is dubbed the price elasticity, and also it is a phenomenon that shops require to take into consideration in your pricing tactics to optimize margins. For example, an increased price because that a popular TV will most likely result in a far-ranging decrease in CTR and also conversion rate however an increased price for a TV wall surface mount (often sold along with the TV) may have negligible effects on click through and also conversion rates. You can use this details to pair items with each other strategically and also maximize profits.

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As a result, you will require to adjust your marketing bids v each price change. Every time girlfriend — or one of your competitors — alters the marketing price the a product, the CTR and also conversion price will also readjust for that details product. But doing this manually is practically impossible, i m sorry is why you require to find an integrated way of controlling pricing and also marketing.