When friend think of balloons, you often tend to conjure up an image of birthday parties, family get-togethers, and celebrations. Based upon this, you can wonder why why part dogs room scared that balloons, offered how lot fun and also excitement they deserve to bring.

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My dog loves balloons. He will chase, catch, and also then pop the balloons (which we have to stop, as it’s not that safe). Not all dogs prefer balloons though. Because that example, my friend’s dog has a actual fear and also anxiety in the direction of balloons.

I chose to research study why this could be. Plus, ns even found accounts online where some owners report their dogs gift scared of warm air balloons too!

Why is my dog scared of balloons? Some dogs are scared of balloons because of a previous an adverse experience, maybe where one popped loudly in puppyhood. Other dogs space afraid the balloons as result of the unusual means they sound and feel. In fact, they will hate balloons!

Why space some dog afraid the balloons?

Not every dogs space scared that balloons, just some. Like I stated already, mine dog loves them. But why is it that your dog is fear of them, and also other’s favor playing through balloons.

Generally, there room two factors why balloons can cause a an adverse response in dogs into hating them.

Firstly, part dogs will certainly be fear of balloons early a fright led to by the balloon or a instance where there were numerous balloons present. Perhaps they thought it was a huge ball and also dug in your teeth just to be fear silly as soon as the balloon popped.

The 2nd reason deserve to be because of a lack of experiencing new things together a puppy. The window for puppies come learn about the human being is quite small, and also after the period, brand-new experiences can be met through worry and also anxiety – this will often lead to them peeing themselves once scared.

When the balloon mister it can scare a dog not supplied to it.

If her puppy didn’t have actually the chance to see and also experience lots of brand-new things together a youngster, they could now reaction with fear when challenged with something they’ve not checked out before.

Just imagine how weird a balloon might show up to dogs who have anxious personalities. The looks favor a ball however doesn’t behave like a ball. It will certainly smell strange and also behave oddly once they touch it. It likewise has a strange structure to it.

To a dog, that might induce anxiety and fear.

And this fear also has a name; globophobia. Follow to the FearOf.net website, globophobia is characterized as the following:

“Globophobia originates from the Greek indigenous globo meaning spherical in regards to balloons and phobos which method deep dread or fear. Human being suffering from this phobia feeling morbid are afraid at the thought, sight, touch or also smell that balloons. Most individuals, however, are just afraid that the sound make by the popping of balloons.”

Why execute dogs love balloons?

On the various other hand, you might have a dog the likes balloons. Mine does and loves it once we play with them.

He likes to run up and also bite in ~ the balloon, forcing it earlier up into the air, just to float under again and torment him. This game can go on for ages!

And mine dog no alone in loving them. Plenty of of our four-legged friends will certainly love bouncing balloons around and also may even enjoy making castle pop, therefore this definitely isn’t a problem that affects all dogs.

The reason dogs like balloons is the opposite come why part won’t love them; that all under to the way balloons behave, feel, and sound throughout play. Practically like prey, they can then catch and also kill a balloon – this is great for dogs through this kind of personality.

Handy Hint: some dogs room bred to have actually high prey drive. For example, here are part dog breeds that are great at recording rats.

Why part dogs are so scared of balloons

We’ve already mentioned that the bang that a popped balloon could be the point that’s leading to the fear, but they could well be other reasons too. Here’s much more detail on what cause the fear in part pets.

1. Just how balloons move

If friend think of how a balloon moves around a room, bouncing turn off the furniture and also then flying through the air, there aren’t plenty of other objects that move that way. For some sensitive dogs, that weird movement might be sufficient to make them decide that this is miscellaneous to save well far from.

2. How balloons smell

We recognize that a dog’s feeling of odor is therefore much much better than humans, and also we’re not just talking about a small bit better. Relying on your dog’s breed, their feeling of smell can be as much as 100,000 times much better than yours is.

Now think around the rubbery odor of a balloon, and also then imagine exactly how overpowering that smell might be if you had the odor sensitivity of your dog.

3. Exactly how balloons feel

If your dog has been comfortable sufficient to inspection the balloon, he could then be perplexed by the texture.

Certainly, if that tries to take it in his mouth, he’s going to uncover it an overwhelming to get hold to carry, and also then, there’s the hazard of the bang if the does finally take the in his teeth.

My dog chasing a balloon – he in reality loves them.

Why are dogs scared of hot air balloons?

I pointed out at the start of this how I found something online around dogs gift scared of hot air balloons. I think this is finest left to the DreamDogs.co.uk website that it define it as follows.

“It’s a combination of the unfamiliarity v something so big and difficult floating overhead, and the loud, suddenly noise that a burner shoot up. The last of these facets is only most likely to frighten a dog if you standing fairly close – for instance, if you attending a balloon festival or watching one launch indigenous your local park. When you think around it, the only organic for a dog to be frightened by hot air balloons.”

How to help a dog’s fear of balloons

1. Administer them a for sure place

For some dogs, the solution could be that they have a quiet balloon free place come go once celebrations room taking place. That way, her dog deserve to chill in his own room and not be worried around them.

Do make sure that they are well out of hearing distance as soon as you popular music the balloons as soon as tidying up.

2. Shot counter air conditioning techniques

If her dog is a small apprehensive rather than terrified of the balloons, then this can be a great technique to try. Respond to conditioning means changing your dog’s emotional an answer to the balloon from among being scared to one of being excited.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

First off, you have to think around something the your dog loves to eat, therefore that could be hotdog sausage or cheese.Now cut up a heap of these treats into little chunks.Take a chair on your sofa and have the balloon ~ above the cushion beside you.Show her dog the good treats and also then start to feeding them one by one.Once her dog has had a dozen or so, was standing up and move the balloon away the end of sight.Have a rapid break, and also then sit under again through the balloon by your side.Now repeat again, offering the good treats.

So, you’re now searching for your dog to become excited when he look at the balloon show up because he knows that balloons will equate to an excellent treats coming their way!

3. Desensitization techniques

This is a an approach for dogs who are rather anxious when near balloons. Desensitization method slowly reducing exactly how sensitive her dog is to being approximately something which reasons him to end up being anxious, in this case, balloons.

The procedure aims to progressively introduce the balloon, in the the very least scary way, to offer your dog the chance to get used come them until they space no much longer bothered by them.

Just just like counter conditioning, you require to find a treat which your dog loves come eat; cooked meats, cheese, hotdogs all have tendency to be an excellent options.Then have a balloon i beg your pardon hasn’t been blown increase in one hand and also then give your dog a treat with the various other hand.As long as her dog has shown no indications of gift worried, climate you have the right to put the smallest amount that air into the balloon and also treat again.Still nice and also calm? Great, yet more treats and a little an ext air in the balloon.

Over several days you can progressively add much more and more air into the balloon till it’s fully blown up, and also your dog is tho nice and also calm.

How to tell if her dog is fear of a balloon

Sometimes ours dog’s body language can be very subtle. Therefore that method that uneven you know what you’re looking for, you could miss few of the indications that they’re feeling anxious.

If you spot any type of of these indications when the balloons come out, climate the possibilities are the your faithful girlfriend is telling you the they’re no happy:

Licking of their lips: This is a type of appeasement gesture that your dog might do when trying to tell you that they are feeling worried.Ear position: depending upon how her dog’s ear are typically positioned, you could seem them either pinned back to their head or become very upright and rigid.Hunched back: as soon as it looks as if her dog is practically trying come disappear right into themselves, then they may be recognize the case that lock in very challenging to deal with with. Perform be aware, though, the this deserve to be a authorize of a selection of medical problems and so friend should call your vet if your dog is tho hunched up as soon as they’re no longer near the balloons.Whale eye: This is when your dog shows an ext of the white of their eye than usual. This is additionally sometimes recognized as half-moon eye.

Should girlfriend seek professional help?

If her dog becomes so scared the they can not be comforted or over there is a risk of injury to you or your dog, then you must speak to her vet.

They can dominance out any type of medical problems that might reason fear form behaviors come appear and recommend a veterinarian behaviorist that will help you control the situation.

Are balloons negative for dogs?

In short, yes, balloons are poor for dogs. I perform not recommend the dogs play through balloons unsupervised. I’ve created an comprehensive guide to what wake up if a dog eats a item of popped balloon. Please read that if this has happened v your dog.

There is the apparent risk whereby your dog might choke on a balloon as soon as its popped. There’s also a very real worry than the small pieces of chewed balloon can obtain into your dog’s minister tract.

If this happens, there is a risk that the tiny pieces of balloon could cause a blockage. This will require surgery and could even lead to death if no noticed in time.

Based ~ above that, you have to not let her dog play with balloons.

Did you Know? among the strangest points that dogs are scared that is fart noises!


For those dogs who do find balloons scary, then it deserve to be a real trouble when youngsters are keen to have the residence adorned v balloons because that parties and festive occasions.

Dogs who have a much more acute feeling of hear may additionally find the noise that a balloon popping come be an ext worrying.

If friend do have a dog that hates balloons, it can be simpler to simply remove any kind of chance that them coming into contact with them, fairly than attempting training methods.

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