"Dirty Dancing" is among the many successful movie soundtracks of every time — and Patrick Swayze"s "She"s choose the Wind" virtually wasn"t part of it. The late movie star originally wrote the tune with his girlfriend Stacy Widelitz for an additional movie he was starring in: 1984"s "Grandview, U.S.A." Luckily for them, that didn"t do the cut.

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In one interview with Bart Herbison of Nashville Songwriters association International, Widelitz recalled "Wind"s" journey to "Dirty Dancing," and the social phenomenon that followed.


Take us ago to 1984 and also tell this story.

(Swayze and I) came to be friends in his exhilaration class and also discovered the we live right around the block from each other. So we came to be fast friends and started hanging out together. He to be a really musical guy, and also we had actually talks about music. He to be doing a movie referred to as "Grandview, U.S.A." through Jamie Lee Curtis and C. Thomas Howell. He called me up due to the fact that he knew ns was writing music for TV in ~ the time. The said, "I have this idea for a song. I"ve been kicking it roughly for a while, and also I can"t get all over with it, and also they"re searching for songs for "Grandview." carry out you want to occupational on it with me?" i said, "Yeah, sure. Come on over."

So he came over with his guitar, and I was at the piano at my apartment. He started playing the very same chords over and over: C come E-minor, C to E-minor, and also he had these opened lines that ns liked, i beg your pardon were: "She"s favor the wind v my tree/ She rides the night alongside me." I uncovered (that) intriguing. Then the 3rd and 4th lines i didn"t like. That said, "Well, what do you hear?" and I simply blurted out, "She leader me v moonlight / only to burn me with the sun." that said, "What does the mean?" i said, "I don"t care. Let"s just write it down and also move on indigenous here."

I said, "It"s gained to walk somewhere musically," for this reason we resolved some various chord changes, and over the course of two or 3 days us hashed the end the song ... Anyway, eventually it to be not used in "Grandview, U.S.A."

Aren"t girlfriend glad? ... There are three movies, "Urban Cowboy," "Saturday Night Fever" or "Dirty Dancing," that you want to gain a song in.

Right, or "Flashdance." Yeah, it"s true. It to be unexpected.

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Had girlfriend forgotten about it?

Pretty much. It was off my radar. We knew the it was there, yet it was two years later on that I had actually met, through Patrick, the writer that this script referred to as "Dirty Dancing," and I met the choreographer. Us were every talking about music, and they said, "Well, we"re looking for songs." us were trying to compose something especially for it and didn"t really come up v anything. And then Patrick called me from phibìc Carolina, whereby they were shooting the film in "86, and said "I play the demo the "She"s choose the Wind" because that the producers of "Dirty Dancing," and they really favor it, and they desire to usage it."

We videotaped the last version the the tune with Michael Lloyd producing it, and also he was the only one. Ns remember the morning that the record session ... He walked approximately me and also said, "Do you know what we"re act today?" and I said, "Yeah, we"re record "She"s choose the Wind." " that said, "No! We space recording a significant hit song." ns said, "Call mine mother and let she know since she won"t believe it, either."

After it was recorded, the movie to be shot, and also it still didn"t come out for virtually another year. Climate it was yes, really off mine radar ... Climate the movie come out and it debuted in ~ No. 4 at package office, but the following week, it began going up. And they released "Time of my Life," the first single from the soundtrack, and that shot come No. 1 in a matter of weeks. All of a sudden, the floor was beginning to change under every one of us. Ns remember Michael Lloyd called me and also said, "Hey, you"re getting a yellow record." ... A pair of weeks later, I dubbed him and said, "Do you know when I acquire the yellow record?" the said, "You"re not gaining a yellow record. Now you"re acquiring a platinum one." It simply took off, and also he also said, "We"re riding a phenomenon."

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