In 1993, the nation music human being was presented to the incredibly talented Tracy Byrd. However did friend know nation music was simply his backup plan? Byrd actually studied organization at Texas State University and sang for fun in a band referred to as Rimshot in Beaumont, Texas.

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One day, the twenty-year-old Byrd was convinced by friends come cover Hank Williams’ “Your Cheatin’ Heart” in a mall record studio. The owner was impressed and also sent the recording right into a talent contest. One thing caused another, and also Byrd had discovered his actual calling. He chose to seek a career in music and signed to MCA documents in 1992.

Tracy Byrd came to be a household name top top the country Music step in 1993 as soon as his 3rd single, dubbed “Holdin’ Heaven,” turn off his self-titled debut album, fight No. 1 on the Billboard nation Charts. The country star’s follow-up album, No simple Man, was released simply a year later, and it to be a large success because that Byrd. No Ordinary man sold over 2 million copies and also produced 4 Top 5 struggle songs, consisting of “The keeper of the Stars.”

“The goalkeeper of the Stars” peaked in ~ No. 2 ~ above the U.S. Billboard Hot country Singles & monitor chart and also was called Song that the Year at the CMA Awards a year after its release.

Surprisingly, “The goalkeeper of the Stars” to be An inadvertently Success

Written through Dickey Lee, Danny Mayo, and Karen Staley, the narrator in the poignant song addressed his lover, informing her the someone must have been responsible because that bringing them together. The someone is identified as being “the keeper of the stars.”

“It was no accident me finding you. Someone had actually a hand in it, long before we ever knew. Now I just can’t believe you’re in my life. Heaven’s smilin’ down on me as I look in ~ you tonight,” the song starts as he tipped his cap to the goalkeeper of the stars.

However, much like Byrd’s music career, “The goalkeeper of the Stars” was an inadvertently success. The track was never ever intended to be a single but was released together one as result of its popular in live performances.

And what’s even much more interesting is that the song ended up with two versions. Byrd felt he sang the song better in a lower key, for this reason he exit one with semitone lower than the album version. The second version was additionally used in the song’s music video.

But everything version you’ll hear to, guess we deserve to all agree that “The goalkeeper of the Stars” is one all-time great love song. And Tracy Byrd will forever be recognized not only for his party hits and also catchy sing-alongs but and also his passionate ballads the have due to the fact that become wedding work favorites.

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Fall in love through Tracy Byrd’s performance of “The keeper of the Stars” in the video clip below.