When it involves 80s popular music music groups, there’s 4 I personally determine as my core favorites: room & Oates, Huey Lewis & the News, men at Work and also Duran Duran. That them, I more than likely like Duran Duran the least, yet my penchant because that wearing out any kind of cassette mix tape i owned include ‘Hungry like The Wolf” was 2nd to none.

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In the early 80s MTV was often single-handedly responsible for making a track transform indigenous obscure bin filler come monster hit. That was unquestionably the instance with “Hungry like the Wolf”— my most desired Duran Duran song. Originally released in 1982, it received absolutely no love native American radio while having moderate success in the UK. That readjusted in a large way as soon as MTV put their elaborate (for that time) video into heavy rotation on their station, playing if 4 or five times daily. All of sudden the song blew up and ultimately reached the height of the American Billboard rock charts. 

It to be one of, if no the very first song to become a mainstream hit practically exclusively because of MTV.

The fame Duran Duran uncovered with “Hungry prefer the Wolf” to be merited. In mine opinion it to be the finest song they ever before wrote—an unpretentiously splendid pop music single. Simon Lebon was one of the finest lead singers that this era. The sang text that frequently made zero sense, including this track at times, however it mattered not as Lebon sung everything so freegin convincingly.

I loved everything around this song—from the irrefutably appeal chorus come the sexually charged lady noises close to its conclusion.

Chart Success: reached number-three ~ above the Billboard optimal 100, whereby it remained on the chart because that charts for 23 weeks. As stated earlier the tune did reach number-one ~ above the U.S. Peak Rock tracks and also reached the peak spot in Canada. It finished 1983 ranked 17th top top the year-end Billboard peak 100.

Great Lyrics: Lebon’s lyrics were reportedly motivated by the legendary small Red riding Hood fairy tale….. Alrighty then.

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“In touch v the groundI’m top top the hunt under I’m after ~ youSmell like I sound I’m shed in a crowdAnd I’m hungry choose the wolfStraddle the heat in discord and rhymeI’m on the hunt down I’m after youMouth is alive with juices favor wineAnd I’m hungry like the wolf”

Fun Fact: when this is my favourite Duran Duran song it no their biggest hit. The team had two number-one hits in the mid 80’s: “View come A Kill” and “The Reflex” and additionally had a pair of song reach together high together number-two: “The Wild Boys” and also “Notorious”. “Ordinary World” and also “Union the the Snake” also reached together high as three, providing the team a staggering eight peak three hits and 11 top ten hits in the 1980s.