Troy: What happened To Helen after The Movie trojan leaves Helen’s fate ambiguous after she escapes the city with Andromache, however her relenten in Greek mythology reflects a an extremely different ending.

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The 2004 film Troy focuses on the violent consequences of Helen"s escape to Troy however never discover what occurred to she after Paris was eliminated and the city was sacked through the Greeks. Troy is loosely based on Homer"s epic poem The Iliad, i beg your pardon narrates the quarrel between Achilles (Brad Pitt) and also Agamemnon (Brian Cox) in the final weeks that the ten-year Trojan War. After Paris (Orlando Bloom) falls in love through the married Helen of Sparta (Diane Kruger), that smuggles her ago to Troy with him and also accidentally kicks turn off a violent and bloody war with the Greeks, led by she husband Menelaus.

Helen is a central figure in Troy and the Trojan War. After she escape native Sparta - illustrated in Troy together a fairly stable home, back Sparta is portrayed in the movie 300 together cruel and ruthless - and Menelaus, Helen i do not care a Princess the Troy and also slowly starts to love her new city. Troy ends with Helen and also her brand-new sister-in-law Andromache helping the Trojans escape with tunnels in ~ the city, and seems to suggest that Helen remains with the Trojans afterward. Still, her fate at the end of Troy is unsure - for this reason what actually happened to Helen ~ the Trojan War?

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The many definitive account of Helen"s fate is in Homer"s poem The Odyssey, which reveals that she went back to Sparta and reunited through Menelaus. In both The Iliad and The Odyssey, Homer pipeline it ambiguous as to whether Helen went to Troy willingly or if she to be abducted - but when she reappears in The Odyssey, she appears happy to have actually returned home with her husband. Homer"s account the Helen"s fate mirrors her to be an older and also wiser Queen the Sparta, and also that she had actually a relaxed reconciliation with Menelaus after her betrayal.

However, Helen"s fate varies in other accounts in Greek mythology. While Homer definitively reflects her return to Sparta, the Euripides tragedy The Trojan Women depicts Helen as returning to greece to confront a death sentence. Troy mirrors Helen growing closer come Andromache and the other women in Troy, but The Trojan Women reflects her as being shunned through them. An additional variation of Helen"s fate shows up in Euripides" Orestes, which cases that Helen to be rescued through the god Apollo immediately after the autumn of Troy, and was required to Mount Olympus.

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Troy is only loosely based on The Iliad, and restructures the occasions of the Trojan war to do the movie much more entertaining and bombastic. Troy depicts Helen as a lovestruck young woman that came v Paris willingly and also leaves her fate unknown, although implying the she continues to be with the Trojans after helping them escape the city. Although many Greek mythology shows Helen at some point returning to greece one means or another, the Helen illustrated in Troy seems to it is in embarking on a whole new adventure.