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No one killed Sam Westing. The faked his own death to acquire closer to his family.

Sam Westing was rich, but he led a difficult life. His daughter died, and he left town. He made decision to develop a murder mystery puzzle to get all of his heirs together. The objective...

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No one killed Sam Westing. The faked his own death to get closer to his family.

Sam Westing was rich, yet he led a an overwhelming life. His daughter died, and also he left town. He chose to produce a murder an enig puzzle come get every one of his heirs together. The objective seems to be to enable him to invest time v his expanded family.

Turtle is the only one who really realizes what is walk on, but Westing is happy around that. She marches into his office and also announces that she winner the game. The is plainly pleased through this development.

His watery blue eye stared at she over his rimless half-glasses. Difficult eyes. His teeth were white, no quite even (no one would ever before guess they to be false). He to be smiling. He no angry v her, he to be smiling. (Ch. 27)

As Sam Westing, Sandy McSouthers, Barney Northrup, and Julian R. Eastman, he gets to spend a most time through his family members members. That learns who is genuine and who is not. He is additionally able to get to know Turtle. Turtle and “Eastman” become great friends. She inherits his money, yet does no tell everyone what really happened to Sam Westing.

When Turtle, currently T.R. Wexler, sits at Westing’s bedside, we have the right to tell how close the two have become.

“This is it, Turtle.” His voice was weak.

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“You deserve to die prior to my very eyes, Sandy, and I wouldn’t believe it.”

“Show some respect. I deserve to still readjust my will.”

“No, you can’t. I’m your lawyer.” (Ch. 30)

So friend see, no one eliminated Sam Westing. He dies of old age, v his family by his side. He could not have actually his daughter anymore, yet Turtle becomes a type of embraced daughter. She is spunky and intelligent, and also the two of them are perfect for each other.