1×01 “The Pilot”

Elena Gilbert is struggling to accept the lose of she parents and her unruly small brother Jeremy’s drug addiction, once the mysterious stranger Stefan Salvatore sweeps right into town, leading to suspicion amongst Elena’s friends. Stefan is revealed to be a vampire, and reunites through his brother after 15 years apart.

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1×02 “The Night that the Comet”

As Mystic drops prepares come celebrate a pass comet, Elena and also Jeremy’s guardian Jenna encounters trouble with their teachers. Elena meets Damon because that the an initial time, and also shares an intimate moment with Stefan.

1×03 “Friday Night Bites”

Elena invites Bonnie come dinner through Stefan, who has made decision to join the football team. Damon has Caroline compelled, and also gets one invite right into Elena’s house when lock crash the dinner.

1×04 “Family Ties”

It’s the yearly Founders’ day celebration at mayor Lockwood’s house. Stefan plans to poison Damon v vervaine by making Caroline drink it, and also when Damon bites Caroline, Stefan records him and locks that up at the Salvatore mansion. Meanwhile, Vicki is torn between Jeremy and also Tyler, and the co-founder council starts to suspect that vampires have returned come Mystic Falls.

1×05 “You’re Undead to Me”

Jeremy and Vicki get closer, and also Bonnie discovers more about she psychic powers. Damon uses his link with Caroline to gain out that the basement. Council member Logan fell charms Aunt Jenna to get the Gilberts’ pocket watch, which can locate vampires.

1×06 “Lost Girls”

Stefan and also Damon’s past is revealed in a flashback come 1864, whereby they both dropped in love with a woman named Katherine Pierce who looked exactly like Elena. In the present day, Damon transforms Vicki into a vampire, and also Vicki proceeds to kill Logan. When Elena find out, she ends her connection with Stefan.

1×07 “Haunted”

Vicki is can not to control her urges as a vampire, and also attacks both Jeremy and Elena during the Halloween party. Stefan stakes and kills Vicki, and Elena provides Damon compel Jeremy to forget what the saw.

1×08 “162 Candles”

Stefan’s friend Lexi arrives in Mystic Falls, and also tries to assist him obtain Elena back. Jeremy’s personality takes a bright brand-new turn after Damon compelled him; the vampire proceeds come infiltrate the co-founder council, earning the to trust of Sheriff Forbes. Damon also stakes and kills Lexi, bring about Stefan to practically kill his brother.

1×09 “History Repeating”

Mysterious new background teacher Alaric Saltzman mirrors up in town, and instantly renders a connection with Aunt Jenna. Bonnie is having actually dreams around her ancestor Emily, and the girls hold a seance which permits Emily to possess Bonnie. Damon reveals his plans to resurrect Katherine, but Emily stop him prior to he can lug out his ritual. Bonnie discovers the truth around the vampires, while Matt and Caroline grow closer.

1×10 “The turning Point”

Logan, currently a vampire, goes on a killing spree, and kidnaps Caroline. Damon and also Stefan saves her, and Logan expose another way of resurrecting Katherine to Damon. Elena tells Stefan the she loves him, only to uncover a picture of Katherine in his room. Alaric and also Logan have a confrontation and also Logan is staked.

1×11 “Bloodlines”

Damon conserves Elena native a secret stranger, and proceeds come take she to Georgia to watch a witch called Bree. Elena ends up conserving Damon after ~ Bree calls Lexi’s boyfriend, and also Damon death Bree. Meanwhile, Stefan reveals himself to Bonnie’s grandmother, and also Jeremy meets a girl named Anna, who has considerable knowledge around Mystic Falls’ past. Elena learns the she is adopted.

1×12 “Unpleasantville”

Matt starts functioning at the Mystic Grill, and also Damon meets Alaric if accompanying Elena come a institution dance. Alaric reveals come Jenna that his wife mutual the surname of Elena’s bear mother. Anna and Mystic Grill bartender Ben are both revealed to it is in vampires.

1×13 “Children the the Damned”

Flashbacks reveal much more of Katherine’s relationships with Damon and Stefan, and also we learn more about what led to the rift in their relationship. Bonnie goes on a day with Ben, however discovers that he is a vampire. Stefan and Elena discover Giuseppe Salvatore’s assignment book, and we find out that Anna is the daughter the Pearl, one of Katherine’s friends and also another vampire trapped in ~ the Fells’ Church.

1×14 “Fool Me Once”

Elena and Bonnie room being held captive by Ben and also Anna, yet with the assist of Bonnie’s grandmother, Stefan conserves them. Anna frees her mommy from the tomb utilizing Elena’s blood, and also Damon learns the Katherine is no inside that after all, and that she has been alive all this time. Bonnie’s grandmother die after functioning the assignment to open the tomb.

1×15 “A couple of Good Men”

Matt’s mommy Kelly reappears in his life, and does not give of his partnership with Caroline. Alaric finds the end that Isobel to be Elena’s mother, and also that she ended up being a vampire by choice. Damon kills Alaric, yet he comes earlier to life since he to be wearing a miracle ring.

1×16 “There go the Neighborhood”

Anna is conflicted about her place with the freed vampires after learning that she has true feelings for Jeremy. Damon seduces Matt’s mommy after refusing help from Pearl to find Katherine. Jeremy reveals come Anna that he wants her to turn him into a vampire.

1×17 “Let the right One In”

Stefan is captured and also tortured through Frederic, a vampire who blames Stefan for his entrapment in the tomb. Damon and Elena work with Alaric to save Stefan, and also most that the vampires freed from the tomb are killed in the altercation. Elena feeds Stefan her blood come revive him, and practically dies due to the fact that he loser control. Caroline find Vicki’s continues to be in the woods, and also has to rest the news come Matt and also Kelly.

1×18 “Under Control”

Stefan is now unable to manage his bloodlust, which was awakened after the drank Elena’s blood. Elena and also Jeremy’s uncle john Gilbert mirrors up in Mystic Falls, attract a comparable ring come Alaric’s. In ~ the co-founder Day event, Matt and Tyler pertained to blows, and also Matt assignment his mom to move out.

1×19 “Miss Mystic Falls”

Elena and Caroline compete for the miss Mystic drops title at the founders’ Day Gala, and also Bonnie returns to city after a an extensive absence. Damon reveals come Elena that Stefan is drinking human being blood, and Stefan reaction violently as soon as she confronts him about it, and later Bonnie, Damon and also Elena discover him feeding on a young girl. Damon injects Stefan with vervain and traps the in the cellar.

1×20 “Blood Brothers”

More that the Salvatores’ previous is revealed as Stefan and also Damon tell Elena the truth about how they to be turned into vampires. We learn that Stefan perfect the change by feeding turn off his father, and that he forced Damon to complete the change as well. Jeremy and also Anna grow closer, yet Anna is ruined when john Gilbert death Pearl.

1×21 “Isobel”

Elena’s birth mother Isobel reflects up in Mystic Falls and also reunites with Alaric. Once Elena meets she mother, Isobel orders she to gain a an equipment that deserve to kill vampires from Damon, or she will kill everyone Elena knows. It is revealed the both Isobel and John occupational for Katherine, and they are revealed to it is in Elena’s natural parents. After ~ Isobel kidnaps Jeremy, Elena and also Damon provide her the device, however Bonnie top the rather by saying the she has deactivated the device, together she wants to check out the vampires dead.

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1×22 “Founders’ Day”

As founders’ Day celebrations begin, man Gilbert activates the device and every vampires space incapacitated. Tyler and also his father are likewise affected, and Caroline is severely injured after Tyler crashes his car. Most of the vampires are killed by John, including Anna and Tyler’s father, however Bonnie saves Stefan and also Damon. Damon and also Elena kiss in former of her house, but it is revealed that it was in reality Katherine, who proceeds to violent stab john Gilbert.