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when Wemmick invites Pip to his home and Pip meets Wemmick"s aged parent and fiancee, this develops a friendly personal relationship in between Jaggers" clerk and Pip. The friendship is useful to Pip because Wemmick warns him as soon as the returned convict is in danger, and also Pip has at least a chance...

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When Wemmick invites Pip come his home and also Pip meets Wemmick"s age parent and also fiancee, this develops a friendly personal relationship between Jaggers" clerk and Pip. The friendship is beneficial to Pip due to the fact that Wemmick advises him as soon as the returned convict is in danger, and Pip contends least a opportunity to save his benefactor indigenous recapture. Wemmick has actually been dealing with most, if no all, of the correspondence through Abel Magwitch over the years. Wemmick is indispensable to Jaggers, who, as an official of the court, cannot recognize a many things that it is feasible for Wemmick come know, because Wemmick is only a clerk. Because that instance, Wemmick can know that Magwitch has actually returned come England, but Jaggers can at least pretend that he doesn"t know a thing around it. Reportedly Magwitch has been dealing v Wemmick during most of the moment he has remained in Australia. Wemmick appears to take care of most of the money that comes into the office, consisting of some dirty money. Jaggers" habit the washing his hands generally may be at the very least partly symbolic that his desire to have "clean hands," i.e., to it is in ignorant of any kind of kind that unethical skilled practices. His compulsive hand-washing might be an indication of are afraid that several of his malpractice may come back to haunt him. Jaggers is through no means unique in the legitimate profession.

When Pip pertains to Jaggers office in thing 40, through the intentionally of verifying what he has learned during his harrowing meeting with Abel Magwitch in thing 39, Jaggers is soon on the defensive.

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“Now, Pip,...be careful....Don"t commit yourself,” claimed Mr. Jaggers, “and don"t commit any type of one. Girlfriend understand—any one. Don"t call me anything: i don"t want to know anything: i am not curious.”

Jaggers obviously doesn"t want to it is in told points he already knows. Pip has actually a slight advantage over the lawyer. The is why Jaggers doesn"t desire Pip to "commit" himself, or any type of one. Pip knows he knows lot of things. This may explain why Jaggers confides more in Pip and tells him, among other things, how and also why he arranged to have actually Estella adopted by miss out on Havisham.