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As various other commenters have actually noted, Tessie Hutchinson emerges as the protagonist of the story through the end, yet the protagonist really might have been any kind of one that the townspeople. They room all, also Tessie, complicit through the lottery initially, and also it isn"t until Tessie traction the marked paper that she...

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As various other commenters have actually noted, Tessie Hutchinson emerges as the protagonist that the story by the end, yet the protagonist really could have been any one of the townspeople. They space all, also Tessie, complicit with the lottery initially, and also it isn"t till Tessie pulls the marked document that she objects to the tradition. Yet nervous world feel, and despite the truth that other towns have actually done away v the practice, no one states anything about giving up the lottery here. It"s as though everyone is willing to take their chances since they know that odds room in your favor; there is such a tiny chance of gift chosen. Therefore, no one speaks up, before the lottery, to allude out the unfairness that the practice whose origins they cannot even recall, Tessie included.

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Likewise, the antagonist is culture at large, but it is essential to note that Tessie would have been part of this group had it no been her who was chosen. She was all too happy come conform, making jokes about leaving her dishes and bossing she husband, until her number come up. The problem is revealed come be among character (Tessie) vs. Society (everyone but Tessie) together a result of the reality that no one speaks up around the unjust of the lottery until it is as well late for that one person who currently begs anyone else to join her.

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good question. Mine students always balk at this concern after analysis this story for the very first time. At very first the protagonist could seem choose the townspeople themselves, with no evident antagonist at the start. That"s because the town and also the world seem therefore peaceful and happy. The children are running around playing, and also the adults room gathering with each other for some kind of society event. Everything seems wonderful and also relaxed. However by the finish of the story, the clear protagonist is Tessie Hutchinson. The reader, choose Tessie, feels that the entire situation is cruel, unfair, and also antiquated. The reader feels a large amount of anger toward the townspeople, and for the reason, the town, the residents, and its rule becomes the antagonist that the story. If I had to pick a details person to be the antagonist, i would pick Old male Warner. He seems 100% in favor of maintaining the lottery. In ~ one allude in the story, Mrs. Adams mentions that some towns have quit the lottery completely. Old male Warner replies, "Nothing yet trouble in that. Fill of young fools."