In the movie, Uncle Digory used to think Lucy"s story of Narnia and also he confirmed the expression that he knowledgeable Narnia before. I believed he visited Narnia through the exact same wardrobe once he was kid (after all it was his own mansion and also old wardrobes have the right to exist).

But, I simply learned the that wardrobe wasn"t in existence when he visited Narnia:

As DavidS points out (thanks muchly), the children take v them an apple, which is planted and also grows a tree, from which this wardrobe is produced (which I believe is the explanation regarding why it have the right to go through Narnia. This is very much a "this is why" rate to the series).

Now, the question is: just how did Uncle Digory visit Narnia without the wardrobe?

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i recommend that you read the publication to find out what happens in The Magician's Nephew, fairly than find out backwards, piecemeal and also paraphrased by questioning multiple questions! the is lots of fun, and also not very long.
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In The Magician"s Nephew, Uncle Digory"s Uncle (The Magician) creates magic rings which he provides to his nephew (Digory Kirke) and his nephew"s girlfriend (Polly Plummer). These two visit a floor which is choose an "in-between" floor which is a forest with countless pools, with which one have the right to visit plenty of different lands. Wikipedia describes it well:

Digory finds himself transported to a sleepy woodland through an nearly narcotic effect; he find Polly nearby. The backwoods is filled v pools. Digory and Polly surmise that the timber is not really a appropriate world at all but a "Wood in between the Worlds", comparable to the attic that links their rowhouses earlier in England, and that each swimming pool leads to a separate universe.

It is through among these pools the Digory access time the newly-formed floor of Narnia!

So, in answer to your question, Digory gained to Narnia under the power of his Uncle"s (the Magician"s) rings, as well as the pools in the "Wood between the Worlds".

I would certainly strongly recommend you check out The Magician"s Nephew together it answers this concern in fairly a little of detail!