The novel starts withHuckFinnintroducing himself and also referencingThe Adventures that Tom Sawyer. "You don"t know around me," Huck narrates, "without you have actually read a publication by the surname of "The Adventures that Tom Sawyer," however that ain"t no matter." that tells readers that, because that the most part,Twaintold the truth inTom Sawyerbut the everyone tells some lies, even civilization like Aunt Polly and the Widow Douglas.

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Huck provides a brief summary of exactly how he and Tomgot 6 thousand dollars each at the end of Tom Sawyer. Judge Thatcher has taken Huck"s money and invested it v a disagreement of interest coming in each day, and also Huck currently lives through the Widow Douglas and her sister, miss out on Watson. The sisters are, together Huck put it, trying to "sivilize" him, and also his disappointed at living in a clean house and also minding his manners starts come grow. Miss Watson speak Huck he will certainly go come "the bad place" if the does not behave, and Huck thinks that will certainly be okay as long as miss out on Watson is not there.

During the evening, Huck accidentally death a spider that was top top his shoulder and worries that poor luck will follow. Once the town clock strikes twelve midnight, Huck hears a noise external his window and climbs out to find Tom Sawyer wait for him.


The opening sentence of the novel informs readers the Huck Finn is the narrator and will phone call his story in his very own words, in his very own language and dialect (complete through grammatical errors and also misspellings), and from his own point of view. By using the an initial person narrative point of view, twain carries top top the southwestern humor heritage of vernacular language; the is, Huck sounds as a young, uneducated boy from Missouri must sound.

This an initial sentence likewise alludes come The Adventures the Tom Sawyer. The allusion reminds the leader of a novel around boys and their adventures, the purpose of which, according to Twain, to be to rekindle in adults memories "of how they felt and thought and also talked, and also what queer enterprises castle sometimes engaged in." climate Huck — and Twain — dismiss the work with "But that ain"t no matter." return the boyish form adventure episodes have tendency to reappear together a plot motif in Huck Finn, particularly in the sections consisting of Tom, their primary purpose is more to communicate criticism of Twain"s modern society than to evoke fond memories. This statement also makes clear that it go not issue whether readers have actually read Twain"s earlier publication or not. Huck Finn is Huck"s story, and he will tell it from his natural, unsophisticated perspective.

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This very first chapter introduces several major literary elements. Feeling is provided in various ways in the novel, yet Huck"s deadpan narration and pragmatic personality juxtaposed come events and also beliefs that make no reasonable or handy sense to him carry out much the the novel"s humor. Due to the fact that Huck is young and also uncivilized, he describes events and also people in a straight manner without any kind of extensive commentary. Huck does not laugh at humorous situations and statements simply since his literal approach does not find them to be funny; he stops working to see the irony. He does not task social, religious, cultural, or conceptual nuances right into situations due to the fact that he has actually never learned them. Because that example, when miss Watson tells Huck that "she to be going come live so regarding go come the an excellent place ," Huck, using what that knows around Miss Watson and the noticeable lifestyle that makes her happy, responds the he "couldn"t see no benefit in going whereby she was going," and makes up his mind to not shot to gain there. Huck does no intend his comment to it is in disrespectful or sarcastic; the is just a declare of fact and is indicative of the literal, practical strategy to life that he exhibits transparent the novel.