Not anyone gets the taste of their foremost love or, let’s say, their high college sweetheart. Couple of do get, but we couldn’t find any type of story an ideal than Randy Moss’s to discuss this top top here among the ones that don’t. As numerous wonders, who is Randy Moss’s wife? Libby Offutt or Lydia Moss!

Well, come speak that it to be Libby Offutt, his high school sweetheart. However, prefer fairy tales don’t exist; similarly, their love because that each various other flamed out early. All in all, they are no longer along with each other.

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Hence, to just put the answer, yes, it’s Lydia Moss, the lady who has actually shadowed herself from the spotlight.

Randy Moss’ wife (Lydia Moss)

As you see, everything about the lady is all private, indigenous her beforehand life, education, family, work, and also even she Instagram account. Yikes!

Therewith, I will shortly brief out her journey and also relationship through her husband. Altogether, we will be summing up your happy recurring life together a couple.

Not to mention, any included information except this write-up that you recognize of is welcome come share with us in the comment below.

Short Glance on Randy Moss

Apart native us acquainted with Randy Moss, us feel obliged come showcase who exactly he is to the persons confused.

Born top top February 13, 1977, Randy is a former experienced football player that is currently a shade analyst.

Back during his expert career as a footballer, the played for the teams favor Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, new England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, and San Francisco 49ers together a vast receiver.

Randy Moss

Altogether, his job lasted for 14 seasons in the nationwide Football organization (NFL). Through the finish of it, his job statistics stood as 982 receptions, 15,292 receiving yards, 15.6 yards every reception, and 156 receivingtouchdowns.

During his job tenure, Randy Moss is had actually bagged specific titles choose the NFL single-season touchdown agree record, the NFL single-season touchdown reception document for a rookie, and also the NFL all-time regular-season touchdown reception.

Apart from these, the has remained in the Pro-Bowl six times, where he asserted the pro Bowl Most an useful Player Award.

Likewise, several of his Mid-American Conference football awards are MAC Most valuable Player and also MAC attack Player that the Year.

Apparently, the athlete has been n the field for so long since his university days that his awards and also highlights gain a lengthy list to count.

Therewith, after football, he shifted to the profession as an analyst forFox sporting activities 1’sFox soccer Dailyshow.

Later, he worked as the associate head coach and also defensive coordinator at victory Christian center High college inCharlotte, north Carolina.

Thus, in the end, he to be a studio analyst in ESPN for their Sunday NFL Countdown and also Monday Night Countdown programs.

Libby Offutt

Most of us know around Randy Moss’s puppy love and ex-girlfriend Libby Offutt, your relation, and also their saddening end. Born ~ above November 1, 1975, Libby Offutt’s birth surname is Elizabeth Ann Offutt.

To illustrate, she is Margarette and Frank Montgomery Offutt, who flourished up alongside she sisters, Jennifer and also Angela.

As for her lesser-known facts, she is terrific swimmer and also used come indulge it s her in it throughout her time in the Saint Albans High School’ in West Virginia.

Libby Offutt

Afterward, Libby commenced her more studies at DuPont High School. Apparently, DuPont High school is where she met Randy Moss for the very first time and started dating.

Actually, their relationship was never ever easy, even since the very first time lock started.

Right after their dating news sparked every around, the duo was backlashed due to their interracial relationship’s negative outlook.

Despite the reality that they had moved fairly a little with the relationship, it would certainly be for sure to say that it wasn’t a healthy and balanced one.

To recall the past, Randy Moss acquired into a fight as soon as as he was taunted for the relationship.

Additionally, he to be arrested because that the fight and also was even threatened because that his scholarship in ~ the Notre Dame University.


The taunts they confronted in their relationship were more intense together they had their very first baby. Together a high schooler, Libby Offutt provided birth to her daughter Sydney Nikale Moss on march 6, 1994.

Maybe due to the exterior pressure the infected your relationship, they acquired into heated arguments many times.

For instance, the quarrel in 1996 led Randy Moss into the instance for domestic violence. Earlier then, he had actually thrown hot water at Libby Offutt. ‘

However, they have actually as many kids as Senali Moss, Thaddeus Moss, Montigo Moss, and also Sylee Moss.

In the end, the couple finally dubbed quits and also went their own way. After the split, Offutt was struck v a title the won’t go off her ever.

Im make the efforts to work and carry out for my family.i wake up to this nonsense.causing problems because u not wanna go earlier to rehab because that the 4x!

— Randy Moss (
RandyMoss) December 27, 2016

In 2016, Randy Moss tweeted that his ex-girlfriend, Libby Offutt, spent roughly $4 million on drugs.

Altogether, Libby Offutt had denied his criticism refused to take it it together a truth. Furthermore, to help her truth, she had proclaimed she came clean in 2007.

However, that doesn’t finish here. Randy Moss had further opened just how Libby had actually asked that to finish his NFL career and look after the children.

As a counterpart, Libby opened up 6hat ~ fou hour-long journey to view her children; Randy and his brand-new wide Lydia walk not allow her to check out them.

Lydia Moss

Fully named Lydia Griffith Moss, she is a tan-skinned lady with quick black hair. To illustrate, Moss had a pixie haircut and also has obtained small, oval confront with similar black eyes.

Although her in-depth body measurements are unknown, she appears to be of small stature.

Furthermore, standing alongside her 6 feet 4 inches husband, she appears to measure around 5 feet 6 customs (as one estimation).

Like together I claimed before, her comprehensive information is nowhere to be seen.

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According come the news, after ~ Randy Moss broke off v his high institution love, Lydia and also Randy acquired married in 2015. Come date, the duo has actually been going solid together.