Poseidon in The Odyssey The Odyssey, by Homer, is the archetype of all heroic stories. In this epos poem, numerous of the Greek god are connected in Odysseus’ journey, however not all affect him (Odysseus) in a positive way. Durring his voyage, Poseidon, the sea god, looks for revenge on Odysseus and also makes sure his quest to get back home is really difficult. In book one, that is introduced that Poseidon has actually rage agaist Odysseus. The presenter, or muse, would sing, “Yet every one of the god pitied mr Odysseus, all but Poseidon, raging cold and also rough agaist the brave king till he came ashore at last on his very own land… (Homer, 29). Here, that is defined that numerous of the gods are goin to try to assist Odysseus on his way, and have symphathy for him. Poseidon, ~ above the various other hand, is walking to perform anything in his strength to prevent Odysseus indigenous going come Ithaca. In the passage of Calyso, the sea nymph (Book 5), the is again revealed the Poseidon wishes to do Odysseus endure on the roadway to his homeland. After Calypso “permits” Odysseus to leaving her island, he begins to construct a raft come sail far in. The narroration says, “…

Odysseus build a raft and also sets sail, yet the sea god Poseidon is by no method ready come allow basic passage end his watery domain. The raises a storm and destroys the raft. ” (Holt, 654) By destroying Odysseus’ raft, it causes him to nearly drown (however, through the godess Athena’s help, that survives). In this scence, the is watched once more that Poseidon has actually gone out of his means to do the hero, Odysseus, miserable. The protaganist (Odysseus deals with the monster kid of the sea god in the story the the Cyclops (from publication 9).

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Durring this passage, Odysseus comes to combat and also blinds the man-beast, this is an action that enrages his father. Odysseus, yet is an extremely proud that the success that his plan. “Cyclops, if ever mortal man inquire how you to be put into shane and blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took her eye! Laretes’ son, whose house is ~ above Ithaca! “. Here, Odysseus has offered away his identity and also is gloating and being cocky around his victory over the an effective god’s son. The cyclops

Polyphemus climate prays to his father: ” O, hear me lord, blue girdler that the islands, if i am thine undoubtedly ans thou arts father; approve that Odysseus, raider that citites, never ever see his home: Laertes’ son, i mean, who kept his house on Ithaca. Need to destiny intend that he shall check out his roof again amoung his family members in his fatherland, because that be the day, and also dark the years between. Allow him loose all companions and also return under strange sail to bitterness days at home… ” (Homer, 524) The cyclops asks his father to avenge him. That asks to not let Odysseus check out Ithaca again.

Poseidon bring away this all right into condsideration to do Odysseus suffer on his trip more. In the end, good defeats evil and also Odysseus prevails and also returns house to Ithaca with is wife, Penelope, and son, Telemachus. Poseidon do the quest earlier home from war very complicated for Odysseus with his antics and storms, but not impossible. The sea god take it his rage out on this hero and also did not pity him like various other gods. All of the gods in the Odyssey feel a certain means about Odysseus, and also it simply so taken place that Poseidon, ruler of the sea, was not on his side.


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