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Stand, ho!

Lucilius. provide the word, ho! and also stand.



Brutus. What now, Lucilius! is Cassius near?

Lucilius. he is in ~ hand; and also Pindarus is comeTo do you salutation from his master.



Brutus. that is no doubted. A word, Lucilius;How he received you, allow me it is in resolved.

Lucilius. with courtesy and with respect enough;But not through such acquainted instances,Nor with such cost-free and friendly conference,As he hath provided of old.



Brutus. she hast describedA warm friend cooling: ever note, Lucilius,When love starts to sicken and decay,It useth an enforced ceremony.There are no top in plain and basic faith;But hollow men, like equines hot at hand,Make gallant show and also promise of your mettle;But once they must endure the bloody spur,They loss their crests, and, like deceitful jades,Sink in the trial. Comes his military on?

Lucilius. They median this night in Sardis to be quarter"d;The higher part, the equine in general,Are come through Cassius.



Poet. permit me walk in to view the generals;There is part grudge in between "em, "tis not meetThey it is in alone.

Lucilius. you shall not involved them.



Brutus. Ho, Lucilius! hark, a word v you.

Lucilius. my lord?



(stage directions). Exit

Lucilius. O young and also noble Cato, art thou down?Why, currently thou diest together bravely as Tintinius;And mayst it is in honour"d, gift Cato"s son.



First Soldier. Yield, or thou diest.

Lucilius. only I yield to die:There is so lot that thou wilt death me straight;Kill Brutus, and also be honour"d in his death.



Antony. wherein is he?

Lucilius. Safe, Antony; Brutus is for sure enough:I dare guarantee thee that no enemyShall ever before take alive the noble Brutus:The gods defend him indigenous so an excellent a shame!When friend do uncover him, or alive or dead,He will be found like Brutus, choose himself.



Strato. totally free from the bondage you room in, Messala:The conquerors can however make a fire that him;For Brutus just overcame himself,And no male else hath honour by his death.


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for this reason Brutus should be found. I thank thee, Brutus,That she hast verified Lucilius" saying true.

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