The Pearl Jam frontman and grunge icg-tower.comn has been in the music company for decades, however what has it expected for his net worth?

Eddie Vedder's music career spans over three decades.

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The Pearl Jam frontman isn't just known together being one of the key figures in the grunge movement, he's additionally one that the most captivating entertainers to this day.

The musician has actually performed almost everywhere the world... With some of the best acts in the world... ~ above the greatest stages in the world.

He even surprised fans v a unique performance the Future Days at The video game Awards this week, proving himself to be a world-class performer, yet how much wealth has the Alive singer gained to his name? find out here.

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What is Eddie Vedder's net worth?

Accg-tower.comrding to, Eddie Vedder's approximated net precious is $100 million, i m sorry is roughly £75,522,500.00.

Not also shabby. V the Pearl Jam tune lending itself to video game, The critical Of Us, we reckon the cg-tower.comuld it is in cg-tower.comnsiderably more.

Eddie Vedder cg-tower.comncert in Barcelona in 2019. Picture: Jim Bennett/Redferns/Getty pictures

When and where was Eddie Vedder born?

Eddie Vedder was born ~ above 23 December 1964 in the Chicago suburb the Evanston, Illiniois.

What is Eddie Vedder's real name?

Eddie Jerome Vedder was born Edward louis Severson III. He adjusted his name to his mother's maiden surname Vedder ~ his mother's divorce and also after he learned his true parentage.

Who is Eddie Vedder married to?

The Pearl Jam frontman married previous fashion model Jill Mccg-tower.comrmick in 2010.

He was previously married to musician Beth Leibling from 1994-2000.

What bands to be Eddie Vedder in?

In the at an early stage 80s, Vedder had several stints in san Diego bands such together Surf and also Destroy, Buts, and also Indian format - i m sorry featured future Rage versus The an equipment and Audioslave drummer Brad Wilk.

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After sending out in his demo tape to the band, Eddie Vedder became part of Temple the The Dog - a job which came around after the death of mom Love Bone vocalist Andrew wood to heroin overdose. It included Soundgarden's chris cg-tower.comrnell, mom Love Bone members rock Gossard and Jeff Ament and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and also newcg-tower.commrs Mike McCready and also Vedder.

McCready and Vedder would certainly go on come be involved in Ament and Gossard's next project, i beg your pardon of cg-tower.comurse came Pearl Jam.