The pictograph reflects data ~ above the variety of pens offered on every day over a week by a store.

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Pens offered Over a Week
DayNumber that Pens
= 4 pen
= 2 pens

The vital shows the 1 snapshot of a pen reflects 4 pens were sold, which method that the range of the pictograph is 4. A scale means the number of objects shown by 1 symbol or picture on the graph.

The picture of fifty percent a pen method 2 pens to be sold.

Reading a photo graph

On the above pictograph, there are 4 pens displayed on Monday. Together each pen represents 4 pens, that means, on Monday 4 × 4 = 16 pens to be sold.

Similarly, the variety of pens sold:

on Tuesday 5 × 4 = 20 pens

on Wednesday 3 × 4 = 12 pens

on Thursday 5 × 4 = 20 pens

on Friday, it reflects a photo of 2 and a half pen. So, 2 pens represent 8 pen and fifty percent a pen to represent 2 pens. Therefore,pens sold on Friday 8 + 2 = 10 pens.

On Saturday 6 × 4 = 24 pens

On Sunday 3 × 4 = 12 pens

Drawing a photo Graph

We can also draw a photo graph for a given set of data.

Here, is the data reflecting the variety of children who visited a library throughout the first three month of a year.

Library Visit
MonthNumber the children

To stand for this data top top a pictograph, follow the offered steps:

Think the a photo or a price to represent the children.Then, decision on a suitable scale to stand for the variety of children. Because that a scale of 10, every symbol or snapshot would stand for 10 children.

Mention the vital (the range used).

So, taking a range of 10, we acquire the snapshot graph as:

Library Visit
MonthNumber of children
= 10 youngsters
= 5 Children

Some restrictions of a picture graph:

Parts the a symbol supplied does no give precise data in situation of huge numbers. It can only be provided for data given in entirety numbers majorly. It is not very useful for larger data the numbers in hundreds or thousands or more.

Fun Facts

A snapshot graph is additionally known as a pictograph or pictogram.

The exploration of photo graphs dates earlier to before 3000 BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

The word pictograph originates from the indigenous ‘pict’ (Latin: painted) and also ‘graph’ (English: diagram).

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