Teeth exist for much more than just making us look better. In fact, teeth are crucial part the our capacity to role normally top top a day-to-day basis.

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Each among our teeth serves crucial purpose for eating food. The duty of some teeth is just to tear and cut the food, whereas rather exist to chew, grind and crush food.

Teeth used when eating

There are four main types of teeth, and also they all serve a vital role in our capacity to eat food effortlessly.

The four main varieties of teeth are incisors, canines, premolars and also molars. The adhering to is whatever you have to know about the role each kind of this plays in our capability to bite, tear and also chew food effectively.

Incisors and also canines

The incisors and canines space the teeth that are situated in the front of the mouth and also are the many visible.

However, incisors and canines pat a lot larger role than shining and filling out a beautiful smile. Instead, incisors and canines space incredibly important to our ability to eat, specifically foods that are hard to tear, such as meat and hard fruits and also vegetables.

While incisors and canines are not frequently used lot in the actual chewing and grinding process, castle are important to being able to consume larger pieces the food there is no the need to reduced everything into tiny bites. Without incisors and also canines, eat becomes much an ext challenging.


Premolars are very similar to molars, back there space some differences regarding cutting, grinding and chewing food.

Premolars, i beg your pardon are situated behind the incisors and also canines and in former of the molars and 3rd molars, are possibly the many versatile form of teeth once it concerns eating. Premolars are sharp sufficient to have the ability to tear food, while likewise having a flat enough surface to be able to grind and chew food up together well.

Whereas incisors and canines assist with speech and support the lip, characteristics not directly related come the capacity to eat, premolars assist less with attributes not directly related to eating food. Premolars are also less visible 보다 incisors and canines together well.


Molars room the set of teeth farthest earlier in the mouth, and they space located straight behind the premolars. In total, there are eight molars in the mouth, two located in each of the 4 corners that the mouth.

The main purpose the the molars is to chew, grind and also crush food, and they normally are not used to reduced or tear food. Molars room able to ar the highest possible amount of push onto food, i m sorry is why they room so successful at accomplishing your role.

Although molars do aid support the cheeks, they commonly do not assist much with features not directly related to eating in the very same manner incisors and canines do.

Additionally, there space four added molars in the farthest edge of the mouth recognized as 3rd molars or wisdom teeth.

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