Introducing non-native species into state waters have the right to upset the balance the the ecosystem, thereby harming the environment. Aquatic nuisance species, such as zebra mussels, quagga mussels, milfoil, and also hydrilla, most frequently spread between waterways through hitching a ride on vessels and also trailers. As soon as transplanted into new waters, this organisms proliferate, displacing native species and damaging the water resource.

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Boater"s Tip

As a boater, you might see different names for non-native species that threaten a water environment. Some instances are “aquatic nuisance species,” “aquatic invasive varieties (AIS),” and also “aquatic pests.” No issue what lock are dubbed where you room boating, you should always avoid spreading non-native species. In this way, you can defend the waterways and also the native types that live there.

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