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Okay, so possibly you can name all 50 states, however how well do you really recognize America? perform you understand which state has the most neighbors? What if us asked you which states border Kentucky? might you surname them all? Let’s challenge it, if you’re prefer most, you’ve probably gone a really, really lengthy time without thinking about Nebraska (or insert your random state the choice). Therefore here’s a perform of united state states and their borders to help you out, add to a few extra us border facts.

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List of us State Borders

The Lonely States

Sorry Alaska and also Hawaii, you have no American neighbors. Despite at least Alaska is friends with Canada. Also you deserve to see Russia native Alaska, therefore that’s type of like having a neighbor, if the fence in between your yards was the ocean and international politics. 

Number of Bordering StatesStateBordering States
0Alaska (AK)None, but they have Canada!
0Hawaii (HI)None

The Contiguous united States

Number of Bordering StatesStateBordering States
4Alabama (AL)Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia
5Arizona (AZ)Nevada, new Mexico, Utah, California, Colorado
6Arkansas (AR)Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri
3California (CA)Oregon, Arizona, Nevada
7Colorado (CO)New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska
3Connecticut (CT)New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts
3Delaware (DE)New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland
2Florida (FL)Georgia, Alabama
5Georgia (GA)North Carolina, southern Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida
6Idaho (ID)Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Oregon
6Illinois (IL)Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan
4Indiana (IN)Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky
6Iowa (IA)Nebraska, southern Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri
4Kansas (KS)Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Missouri
7Kentucky (KY)Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio
3Louisiana (LA)Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi
1Maine (ME)New Hampshire
4Maryland (MD)Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania
5Massachusetts (MA)New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, brand-new Hampshire
5Michigan (MI)Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota 

Wisconsin and also Minnesota borders shared v Lake Superior

5Minnesota (MN)North Dakota, southern Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan 

Wisconsin and Michigan mutual through Lake Superior

4Mississippi (MS)Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas
8Missouri (MO)Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky
4Montana (MT)South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, north Dakota
6Nebraska (NE)Missouri, south Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas
5Nevada (NV)Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, California
3New Hampshire (NH)Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts
3New Jersey (NJ)Pennsylvania, Delaware, new York
5New Mexico (NM)Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Colorado
6New York (NY)Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, new Jersey

Borders Rhode Island through Block Island (RI) and Long Island (NY)

4North Carolina (NC)Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, south Carolina
3North Dakota (ND)South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana
5Ohio (OH)Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky
6Oklahoma (OK)Missouri, new Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas
4Oregon (OR)Nevada, Washington, California, Idaho
6Pennsylvania (PA)New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, brand-new Jersey
3Rhode Island (RI)Massachusetts, brand-new York, Connecticut

Borders brand-new York by Block Island (RI) and also Long Island (NY)

2South Carolina (SC)North Carolina, Georgia
6South Dakota (SD)Nebraska, phibìc Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana
8Tennessee (TN)Mississippi, Missouri, north Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky
4Texas (TX)New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana
6Utah (UT)Nevada, new Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho
3Vermont (VT)New Hampshire, new York, Massachusetts
5Virginia (VA)North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland
2Washington (WA)Oregon, Idaho
5West Virginia (WV)Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio
4Wisconsin (WI)Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa
6Wyoming (WY)Nebraska, southern Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana

Other united state Border Facts

Hawaii and Alaska space the only states without any kind of neighbor states. At the very least Alaska has actually Canada.Maine is the second loneliest state, bordering only one other: new HampshireTennessee and Missouri border the most states, each v 8 neighbors. Hawaii is the only state without any straight borders. Castle all natural as a an outcome of Hawaii gift an island. Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming are the only states that use exclusively surveyed borders. That’s why they look so nicely squared.

Here’s a perform of rivers we use to collection up borders. There are 57.

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Arthur KillBig Sandy RiverBig Sioux RiverBlackwater RiverBois de Sioux RiverBrule RiverByram RiverCatawba RiverChattahoochee RiverChattooga RiverColorado RiverColumbia RiverConnecticut RiverDelaware RiverDes Moines RiverDetroit RiverGreat Miami RiverHalls StreamHudson River Kill van KullMenominee RiverMississippi RiverMissouri RiverMontreal RiverNiagara RiverOhio RiverPalmer RiverPawcatuck RiverPearl RiverPerdido RiverPigeon RiverPine RiverPiscataqua RiverPocomoke RiverPoteau RiverPotomac RiverPoultney RiverRainy RiverRed river of the NorthRed flow of the SouthRio GrandeRunnins RiverSabine RiverSt. Clair RiverSt. Croix River St. Francis River St. John RiverSt. Lawrence RiverSt. Louis RiverSt. Marys RiverSalmon falls RiverSavannah RiverSnake RiverTennessee RiverTug Fork RiverTugaloo RiverWabash RiverSo you know who borders who, but see if you recognize where castle border here.