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The conflict proved to it is in the defining worry of the election. McKinley—who was renominated through the republic at their national convention in Philadelphia in June 1900—continued come emphasize an expansionist foreign policy, arguing that the anti-American rebellion developing in the Philippines had to it is in quelled and also that American ascendancy there had to it is in “supreme.” he employed typical empire-building reasonable in justifying ongoing military treatment in the Philippine archipelago, claiming the the unified States had a moral and spiritual obligation come “civilize and Christianize” its residents. His place was amplified by the an option as his running mate that then new York governor Theodore Roosevelt, that won all but one vote on the first ballot. (Garret Hobart, angry president throughout McKinley’s first term, had passed away in office the vault year.) Roosevelt had made his name throughout the battle by top a fee of rough Riders the took Kettle Hill (frequently described as san Juan Hill, which to be nearby) in Cuba; he had returned home a nationwide hero. His increase to the nomination was assisted by brand-new York’s political bosses, who were unhappy v his gubernatorial reform efforts—particularly in regard come patronage—and sought to rid themselves of his meddlesome influence.


Campaign picture of presidential incumbent william McKinley and his angry presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt, 1900.

William Jennings Bryan, McKinley’s autonomous opponent in 1896, was again nominated in ~ the party’s convention in July in Kansas City, Missouri. Adlai Stevenson, who had actually served together vice president to Grover Cleveland, to be selected together his to run mate. The democracy vehemently decried the Republican quest of empire and also resurrected the contentious issue of easily coining silver at a 16:1 ratio to yellow (at Bryan’s behest).

The campaign and also the election

Ohio industrialist mark Hanna, who had run McKinley’s campaign and also filled his coffers during his very first presidential bid in 1896 and whom McKinley had appointed come a vacant Senate chair in 1897, again stumped because that the incumbent. Also proactively campaigning to be Roosevelt, who proved himself to be a an effective orator and formidable debater as he traveled throughout the country. The two guys were the primary deals with of the Republican ticket; McKinley absented self from campaigning.

In addition to defending and exhorting the policy of expansionism, the Republicans referred to as for the maintain of the Dingley Tariff, describe under McKinley in 1897; it was the highest protective tariff instituted in the United claims up to that point. They cited the loved one prosperity the the previous 4 years, utilizing the campaign slogan “Four an ext years of the complete dinner pail.” In a reversal of your previous position, the Republicans, despite still in favour the a canal through the central American isthmus, pointedly declined to specify the it should cut through Nicaragua. They rather favoured a Panamanian route, a position influenced by huge donations native the brand-new Panama Canal Company. (The Democrats to be left through little an option but to continue in favour the the Nicaraguan route.) The platform additionally included a relatively tepid blame of initiatives by Southern says to stonewall the enfranchisement of black color voters established by the Fifteenth Amendment.

Though Bryan campaigned feverishly, moving over 600 speeches and visiting over fifty percent of the 45 states, he floundered in his initiatives to combat imperialist sentiment. His calls because that the independence of the Philippines were unpopular; countless saw the country as being in a place of moral custodianship that the newly obtained territories. As soon as Bryan change to the concern of trusts, Republicans, also officially antitrust, merely flipped the issue earlier to him, citing Democrat Cleveland’s negative record ~ above the issue.

In the end, McKinley prevailed, acquisition 51.7 percent the the well-known vote and capturing 292 votes in the electoral college. Bryan caught 45.5 percent the the popular vote and garnered only 155 electoral votes. Candidates from smaller parties, consisting of the Socialists and the barred Party, had tiny effect on the race.

For the outcomes of the ahead election, see United claims presidential choice of 1896. For the results of the succeeding election, see United says presidential choice of 1904.

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Richard Pallardy

Results the the 1900 election

The results of the 1900 U.S. Presidential election are noted in the table.

American presidential election, 1900 presidential candidate politics party electoral votes popular votes
*Includes a variety of joint tickets with People"s Party electors committed to Bryan.
Sources: Electoral and popular vote totals based upon data native the United claims Office that the federal Register and also Congressional Quarterly"s overview to U.S. Elections, fourth ed. (2001).
wilhelm McKinley Republican 292 7,207,923
wilhelm Jennings Bryan Democratic* 155 6,358,133
man G. Woolley prohibition 209,004
Eugene V. Debs Socialist 86,935
Wharton Barker People"s (Populist) 50,340
Joseph F. Malloney Socialist labor 40,900