Sugar. Go this look at like cg-tower.comlogical energy?

As a child, you may have been told the sugar is poor for you. Well, that"s not specifically true. Essentially, carbohydrates are made the sugar, from a solitary sugar molecule to countless sugar molecule attached together. Why? One reason is to store energy. But that go not typical you need to eat that by the spoonful.

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Monosaccharides and Disaccharides

A monosaccharide is a an easy sugar such as furustos or glucose. Furustos is uncovered in fruits, vice versa, glucose generally results native the digestion of various other carbohydrates. Glucose(C6H12O6) is supplied for energy by the cells of many organisms, and also is a product ofphotosynthesis.

The general formula for a monosaccharide is:


where n can be any number higher than two. Because that example, in glucose n is 6, and also the formula is:


Another monosaccharide, fructose, has the very same chemical formula together glucose, yet the atoms are arranged differently. Molecules through the same chemical formula yet with atoms in a different arrangement are dubbed isomers. Compare the glucose and also fructose molecules inFigure below. Can you recognize their differences? The only distinctions are the positions of several of the atoms. This differences affect the nature of the two monosaccharides.

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A potato stores strength in underground tubers.

Glycogen Used by pets to store energy.


A human stores glycogen in liver cells.

Cellulose Used by tree to form rigid walls roughly cells.


Plants use cellulose for their cell walls.

Chitin Used by some animals to kind an external skeleton.


A housefly offers chitin because that its exoskeleton.

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cg-tower.comfuels: From street to Energy

For year there"s been buzz, both positive and negative, about generating ethanol fuel native corn. Is this a great idea? Is that necessary? these questions have to be discussed. However, the bay Area that California is rapidly becoming a world facility for the following generation of eco-friendly fuel alternatives. The share cg-tower.comEnergy academy is occurring methods to isolate cg-tower.comfuels from the sugars in cellulose. See cg-tower.comfuels: past Ethanol at for further information.

As you see cg-tower.comfuels: past Ethanol, emphasis on this concepts:

the usage of "cellulosic cg-tower.commass," what is supposed by "directed evolution."


A monosaccharide is a basic sugar, such as furustos or glucose. Facility carbohydrates have two main functions: save on computer energy and also forming frameworks of living things.

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